Dear Dish-It: I Want to Be a Guy Cheerleader

Ap asks: “I’m a guy and want to cheerlead but everyone talks me out of it. What should I do?” Back to Article

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❤HelloKittySwaqq❤ wrote:
2012-01-03 17:54:40 -0800

hey, im a cheerleader nd i dont see ANY BOYS on my team, so boys should jus back off nd play football like me, anyways, why would boys want 2 cheer, all da other sports are taken over by dem anyways

kingduffy13 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:50:30 -0800


Cool WWE Kid
Cool WWE Kid wrote:
2012-01-03 17:41:28 -0800

guy cheerleaders are just CHICK MAGNETS!!!!! so dudes can do whatever they want so its actually not gay and if the dude is gay WHO CARES! their choice not ANYONE ELSE'S!

pooda5667 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:41:07 -0800

there is nothin wrong with being a cheerleader....its not just for girls....when you say cheerlead you dnt say 4girlsnot boys

YairBoo♥ wrote:
2012-01-03 17:38:23 -0800

@Clooud True ! Haha

Clooud wrote:
2012-01-03 17:35:23 -0800

There Is Nothing Wrong With A Boy Cheerleader There Living There Life Not Yours !

lil_kajah_13 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:34:15 -0800

do wat makes u happy there isnt any thing wrong wit a boy cheerleader it doesnt determine whether ur gay or straight either Indifferent

YairBoo♥ wrote:
2012-01-03 17:33:51 -0800

Mhmm Its Kindaa Gay !

totalchic wrote:
2012-01-03 17:32:11 -0800

umm, okaay.

EpicPaysinn. wrote:
2012-01-03 17:29:48 -0800

I've been cheerleading since I was 5. No shame.

luvgirl13 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:22:03 -0800

wow thats so not gay! some guys just like hanging out with girls! so they become cheerleaders oh lol i mean male cheerleaders

Ashlaa wrote:
2012-01-03 17:20:52 -0800

I think Guy cheerleaders are pretty damn hot... just saying XDDDDDD

sparklesir13 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:20:48 -0800


-octavious._1972119 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:19:54 -0800

@MsPinkLambo Go back to the forest with yo ape looking self.

-I'mAustin wrote:
2012-01-03 17:18:28 -0800

Let the guy do what he wants; Damn.

pooda5667 wrote:
2012-01-03 17:16:08 -0800


bebekidheartz wrote:
2012-01-03 17:14:29 -0800

y would i want to buy one if it just could be me ????

awesomegirl9879 wrote:
2012-01-03 16:50:20 -0800

boys can be in cheer leading fyi

allison loves you
allison loves you wrote:
2012-01-03 16:48:26 -0800

i'm in cheerleading and theres a few guys in there

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