All About Mayan Culture

The ancient Mayans are renowned among historians and archaeologists as being an incredibly advanced culture that excelled at mathematics, astronomy and arts, and with their star-based calendar predicting the end of the world this year, many people are giving this ancient culture a second look. Find out more about Mayan culture! Back to Article

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ahrathy wrote:
2012-10-08 08:23:44 -0700

This is all fascinating because these Mayans didn't have computers, so they've got to use just a paper and pencil, clever.

SamWolfchick wrote:
2012-10-06 19:21:34 -0700

I's amazing how advanced they were in mathematics!

P a p r i k a ♦
P a p r i k a ♦ wrote:
2012-08-08 14:09:28 -0700

It's funny because my ancestors were Mayan.

cuz im cool like dat
cuz im cool like dat wrote:
2012-05-15 16:45:42 -0700

my class is doing ancient civilizations and we have to research the mayans we also have to make a lifesize ancient ayan this will hlp

JBiebs_Joker wrote:
2012-01-12 15:03:30 -0800

It's pretty interesting, I'll tell you that. Well for sure. Big Grin smile

catolan wrote:
2012-01-10 23:20:28 -0800

I want to keen about other places history not just the UK Mad

kemunto wrote:
2012-01-06 15:13:28 -0800

can Yu send me good pictures?

kemunto wrote:
2012-01-06 15:12:10 -0800

what years are yu?

kemunto wrote:
2012-01-06 15:11:26 -0800

o no.

Euniqueamazing4527 wrote:
2012-01-05 19:18:56 -0800

I learned about the mayan culture in 5th grade.!

AyooItsTatii wrote:
2012-01-05 19:02:54 -0800

@Audiotape if it was, I feel like i'm the last person to know about it :o

Audiotape wrote:
2012-01-05 10:23:25 -0800

Wasn't it proven that the Mayan calendar end was just the start of a new calendar? And not the end of the world?

kathline wrote:
2012-01-04 17:07:30 -0800

Omg y is the lady hand like that in pic 2 it's creepy

my_name_is_taylor(: wrote:
2012-01-04 17:02:36 -0800

Mayan culture is kinda creepy when it comes to the ritual type things Frustrated

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