Dear Dish-It: My Girlfriend Puts Herself Down

TheBoyfriend asks: “My girlfriend is the most amazing ever: she’s smart, funny and treats people really well. But she always puts herself down and it’s driving us apart; what can I do?” Back to Article

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CREEZ_1923282 wrote:
2012-04-09 13:18:23 -0700

That pic up there is actually true.. aint no one perfect

Captin Krista♥
Captin Krista♥ wrote:
2012-04-08 20:38:49 -0700

People shouldn't put theirself's down.
You have to think positive.
Your beautiful on the inside and outside.
If people call you horrible names like "Ugly" or "Fatty" their wrong.Think the positive of the negitive ♥

lil shaun1
lil shaun1 wrote:
2012-04-08 20:33:51 -0700

big butts???

emopage wrote:
2012-04-08 20:30:15 -0700

Uqqh IMeant Sme.........Wuht Yeww Tlkinqq Boutt......Aht My Skewl EveryBoy Lyks Biqq Buttsz.....OMFG....!!!Danqq

miss.realchika' wrote:
2012-04-08 20:26:54 -0700

i dc who yu are iff yu downin yo self how you gone make it through ne thing ,ne young lady or entle men who bring they self down shold try alot harder and tlk to someone about it cuase i'll be danged if i dwn my self nor ne one else just sayin.. Love myself

liberty1410 wrote:
2012-04-08 20:24:00 -0700


lil shaun1
lil shaun1 wrote:
2012-04-08 20:22:36 -0700

shxt dnt wrk-__-

Mr.Historian wrote:
2012-04-08 20:22:31 -0700

me, not all men are like that u know

emopage wrote:
2012-04-08 20:20:21 -0700

Uqqh Wuht Knd Of Dudde Dnt Lyk Butts'sz....All Duh Man'sz Doo Ha '

liberty1410 wrote:
2012-04-08 20:17:44 -0700

i agree w/ Emosky490

Mr.Historian wrote:
2012-04-08 20:13:18 -0700

i dont like big butts. i dont care wht size it is bc i dont depend my decision upon how a girl looks but how they are personality wise not physically

2012-04-08 18:47:21 -0700

big buttz rgood

Emosky490 wrote:
2012-04-02 20:45:25 -0700

@Mimi thats stupid men love big butts XD

-Ayooo Dora!-
-Ayooo Dora!- wrote:
2012-04-02 20:42:59 -0700

@Mimi- Thats terrible.! Big butts are good .! lol

mimi386224 wrote:
2012-04-02 20:41:16 -0700

My Gurlfriend Puts Hersel Down. Just Cuz Her Butts Really Big

dj hothead
dj hothead wrote:
2012-03-27 20:38:24 -0700

i love my girlfriend so much but haters just want to stop us why people

elephantsandcandy wrote:
2012-03-26 19:03:04 -0700

I used to put myself down when I was 10! I almost considered suicide. But when My go-to friend (who is a boy) lifted me up, I found my voice. I started building up confidence and I could tell off bullies. Now I have a advice collum in girls only and I'm going to be a journalist. She's not alone

gen.e1234_1748482 wrote:
2012-03-26 07:29:05 -0700

my gf dosent think shes hot but everyone thinks she is. her mom calls her a loser and all kinds of stuff....

HarrypotterluverDemigodluver wrote:
2012-03-23 14:07:04 -0700

i agree with justicegiorl, everyone is pretty in their own way.

LiZzY8 wrote:
2012-03-23 07:45:10 -0700

i am so not pretty...i guess i have a very low self esteem

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Dear Dish-it, This is really strange for me to write to you because I have never done anything like this before but I need an outside POV from my situation and I need help. These days, I don't know what I'm doing or what tomorrow is going to bring. But before I get into how I feel, I am going to explain my situation a bit first. So let's get started. My family is a family of 6 though my oldest sibling has left the house to live else where because he's 26 years old. Anyway, I argue a lot in my family in fact there's fights everyday either with me or just between other family members. I don't remember a time that we didn't fight... Sad ain't it? But I try and not let it bother me. My mom and me have the best and worst relationship out there. At one time, we understand ourselves completely but then something happens and the arguments stop... It always ends with her angry and me frustrated, crying and angry... I have cried more in the past year and half (That is when it got worst) Then my entire lifespan so far. Plus since she had a bad childhood, she tries to make everything different from hers but she ALWAYS compares me to her. I am a different person than her and she just doesn't understand that! I always feel really bad after because she wants me to be the perfect child but I can't and I never will be. I am just me. Like today, I punched a wall because I just wanted to feel something else than sadness and worst thing is that I fake smiles and optimism at school so nobody knows. My friends don't understand even though I have told them but now I brush it off. It's not their life so they don't need to understand it. But that's my situation... Now that you have heard something about me, I need help. I'm sending myself in the abyss. I am losing control. I feel as if everything is slipping from my fingers and everything is falling apart. I don't know what's happening to me! I am losing myself and I don't know what to do! It's hard to keep up my grades, to make sure that everything is done, that I go to my activities after school. It feels so hard to do right now... I throw things and slam doors when I am super mad. I don't have anger issues but I keep in so many emotions that I explode when I can't take them anymore. My world seems to be crumbling before my eyes. My family is in debt, my parents might split and my brothers hate me. My dog, running, drawing and books are my only escape.  I don't know what to do... Sincerely LostintheAbyss
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hugebear posted in Style:
snickers mkay and Im closing this thread now :) BR yush you is fabulous too mate :D
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Boysrock50 posted in Style:
I'm fabulous :D
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Snickers147 posted in Style:
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