Becoming a Hair Stylist

If you want to lather, rinse and save the world just like Zohan, then find out how to direct all that hair-raising energy into a hairstyling career! Back to Article

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ReeceBby_15 wrote:
2013-06-21 13:21:50 -0700


ReeceBby_15 wrote:
2013-06-21 13:21:23 -0700

I live doing my family members hair...but I din't really know if I want to be a stylist

Eliman wrote:
2013-04-19 09:59:04 -0700

Why would put something ike that on KW? Frustrated

kettyb_2446853 wrote:
2013-04-17 08:06:14 -0700

i want to be hair stylist because i want to be Best Hair Extensions Specialist.

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Which Hair Color Has the Most Strands?

  • Brunettes.
  • Black hair.
  • Redheads.
  • Blondes.

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