Jeremy Irvine Bio

British actor Jeremy Irvine (born Jeremy Smith) is catching people’s attention in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster war movie War Horse. Jeremy went from growing up in a small English village to landing on the big screen - find out more in his Kidzworld Bio! Back to Article

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airopig wrote:
2012-03-07 09:29:31 -0800

my best friend wants to go out with him! she's seen the film and read the book!Wink

Sapient wrote:
2012-02-22 13:40:33 -0800

kool ,he should keep his name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{~seriously~}

-Promises&Memories- wrote:
2012-02-12 17:49:53 -0800

I wanna see this movie!!!

AlisonWonderland269_2017173 wrote:
2012-02-05 07:25:51 -0800

Aghhhhhhh!!!!! He so fine Wink

Tamzin230 wrote:
2012-02-05 05:44:54 -0800

He is so so so gawjuss!!!!!!! smile =)

jessbabe73 wrote:
2012-02-05 02:24:12 -0800

he alright he aint gawjusss xxxx

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