Dish It’s Hall of Shame: January 2012

Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to submit your most mortifying, turn-your-face-red moment of all time – you know, the stuff you thought you’d never live down! Back to Article

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lani78 wrote:
2012-02-17 04:29:11 -0800

I was texting my friend and when my dad need me I brought my phone and put it next to him and he said to my friend do u think the boy is hot I got so. Mad at him

Amusia wrote:
2012-02-12 08:25:14 -0800

so funny lol

baconator12 wrote:
2012-02-11 18:11:46 -0800

When i was in third grade i had a crush on a really cute guy and i was too embarrassed to ever talk to him. Then, When the teacher moved our desks i had to sit by him. We were assigned to do an accrostic poem w/ eachother. Then he started saying "I like y-" then i sneezed all over him and the poem!

Rilakkuma wrote:
2012-02-11 09:38:34 -0800


EmilyUser wrote:
2012-02-11 04:39:17 -0800


goodlife101 wrote:
2012-02-05 14:16:02 -0800

I love reading things like this...yup. Heres mine: There is this WEIRD guy who liked me for almost 3 school years! everyone thought we ere dating when he asked me too the school dance. we weren't!!!!!!!! Then, a few days ago he had a crush on another girl anf right in front of him I said, "I feel bad 4 u" that was the last time i ever saw him cuz he moved i feel so bad!!!!!!!!1 Worried Sad

hsm14 wrote:
2012-01-29 17:34:30 -0800

i liked the dancing queen best one

bizarlov wrote:
2012-01-28 19:10:47 -0800

i have a crush and i think he likes me

GeekChic wrote:
2012-01-24 23:39:32 -0800

i love hearing about other people getting emberessed now i know its not just me!!!!

GeekChic wrote:
2012-01-24 23:38:34 -0800

so funny

lionking62 wrote:
2012-01-24 10:52:19 -0800

i have a crush on some one who cares

awsumgirlmariah wrote:
2012-01-20 19:31:28 -0800

embarrassing!!!!!! @_@ but itz kk

sweetpea159 wrote:
2012-01-17 14:01:48 -0800

i don't get this whole page but i will read it to see if i understand what this is about Confused

sandfur121 wrote:
2012-01-16 18:34:27 -0800


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Hall of Shame - Pick the Winner!

  • Getting caught singing the Frosted Flakes song.
  • Getting caught by your crush singing a goofy song.
  • Losing your tankini in front of your BF's friends.
  • Having people think you said you like a dorky guy.

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Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...
Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...
Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...

Dear Dish-It in the forums

kitcat165 posted in Friends:
well this is kind of a long story but ill try to make it as short as possible. so it all started about 4 years ago. this new boy came to my school. he was super cute and all the girls had a crush on him. at first i did not like him in a crush way but after a while feelings started growing. we started talking and he seemed to like me to. after elementary was done we ended up going to the same middle forward to this year me and him are in the same class. while i was in 6th grade i found my best friend me and her been bffs since then. she is also in the same class. ever since the begging of this year they grew really close. they are always talking and it seems like she like him and vice versa. every time they are together i feel this overwhelming since of jealousy and anger. like is she better than me or??? the thing that really gets to me is that she knew i liked him. omg i need advice like what should i do :mad
reply about 1 hour
I have a huge problem. When my dad told me that there were Minion and Homer Simpson Slippers i was like bribing for them and my mom said NO. Doesn't she know that people have Feelings?I just want those slippers very badly. I can't stop thinking about them. I WANT those MINION OR HOMER SIMPSON SLIPPERS! My mom is no fun anymore!  :devil  :devil
reply about 3 hours
Macbarbie09 posted in Friends:
"1Dglittercat43" wrote:omg u have the same username as bethany mota on youtube!!!!anyways, do u think that u  like him? try to hang around for a bit and ask his friends if he likes you, try to stay close to him (not stalkerlike, u know wat i mean) and see if it seems like he likes you, ask your friends to help 2! that's cause i like Macbarbie07.  
reply about 3 hours
Hello121 posted in Style:
How do I ask my mum that I want to get my eyebrows done? Everyone has :( 
reply about 6 hours
foreverfamily posted in Friends:
Your you and your unique there's no need to change just because your friends don't accept you as you and if they don't stop when you ask them to they must not be your true friends you will find better friends then them out there because your you and your unique who wouldn't want to be friends with you I want to be your friend
reply about 7 hours