Dear Dish-It: I Like My BFF’s Crush

jojo asks: “My BFF has a huge crush on this cool and cute guy, but I think he likes me. I’m starting to crush on him, too, but I’m scared it will ruin my friendship with my BFF. I feel so guilty … what should I do? I need them both!” Back to Article

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jasmine93 wrote:
2012-04-04 06:34:39 -0700

my sister going for this too and the only thing u could do is to talk to them about it and friends are there no matter what boyfriends come and go xx and it happened to me yesterday and i would choose friend over boys anyday because otherwise u make a huge mistake

kiki12312 wrote:
2012-03-30 10:10:37 -0700

all you have to do is tell her ur in it together! if she doesn't understand then she's not ur bff

auralee_2075283 wrote:
2012-03-27 07:27:54 -0700

Honestly, If she's your friend, she'll support you. But not everyone's like that. start slow to her and bring him up in a conversation and ask her what she'd do if she found out he liked a different girl. wait for her reply. If she says there's nothing she can do about it, tell her he may like you. If she says she would hate it, try maybe getting over the crush.

prettywomanisme wrote:
2012-03-26 12:44:44 -0700

Thinking hard. This one is a toughy. OK. You say that you
have a potenial romance on this one guy. And not any guy. Your BFF's guy. You should start simple. You could pass him a note, and ask him if he likes you. If he says yes, then you should maybe talk to a parent. They can help!

lizzy91616 wrote:
2012-03-21 18:58:49 -0700

i think u should just tell ur bff you like he crush honesty is always the best policy

Mihmi wrote:
2012-03-21 18:10:35 -0700

Just ask the guy which 1 he likes BEST then talk w/ ur friend and just be kk w/ whatever happens.

noble_knights2012 wrote:
2012-03-19 21:26:53 -0700

You should be honest,bieng honest shall bear a fruit.Just focus on getting your friend back

normalgirl321456 wrote:
2012-03-18 14:23:17 -0700

jojo the same thing is happening to me im in love with a boy in my homeroom class exept its not my bffs crush its my friend shes dating the boy of my dreams i wish i could be his girl friend i talked to my friend and told her about her fillings for hem and she said that shes not feeling hem and thatits temporary relatinship and that maybe when there done i can have a shot but at the mean time itspretty good being singel

babygirel_2058819 wrote:
2012-03-16 20:19:40 -0700

tell her that u like him a lot

KewlGirl12_2061363 wrote:
2012-03-14 11:38:54 -0700

If you think it's gonna risk your friendship then Angel work something out with ur bff

xxbarbiicookiixx wrote:
2012-03-13 12:34:36 -0700

just tell her that you like him....
Then that just shows her your a true friend or bestfriend..

Jade_TJ wrote:
2012-03-13 08:55:12 -0700

my friend and i crush on the same guy dont worry about it trust just tell her you like him she will understand trust me

2012-03-11 15:34:54 -0700

i wont do it

Asia_dope♥ wrote:
2012-03-11 09:06:44 -0700

i like my bestfriends crush & she does't care if i like him she said i can have him cause she dont like him that much

nelliecutie99 wrote:
2012-03-08 16:24:01 -0800

I know how you feel but its kinda mixed up. My bf likes my friend it sucks

cj luvs jb
cj luvs jb wrote:
2012-03-08 02:30:30 -0800

yeah it is a difficult decision but ur the one to decide so decide wisely .

ilovewolf wrote:
2012-03-07 18:20:51 -0800

Totally agreed

NeverShoutDakota_2053324 wrote:
2012-03-07 18:18:28 -0800

They're majorly flirting with him

ilovewolf wrote:
2012-03-07 18:12:20 -0800

What did they do?

NeverShoutDakota_2053324 wrote:
2012-03-07 18:09:39 -0800

I want to..... Frown Stupid Amber and Alexis

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Do Your Crushes Always Crush Back?

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  • Most of my crushes have felt the same way about me.
  • No - my crushes hardly ever feel the same way about me.
  • I've never really crushed on anyone.

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