Dear Dish-It: My Room’s a Mess!

Irish821 asks: “My room is constantly messy – I can’t seem to keep it clean. Help!” Back to Article

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Blake16BMX wrote:
2012-12-08 15:58:58 -0800


Zobelle wrote:
2012-10-12 14:07:23 -0700

i can relate

animalover1 wrote:
2012-09-17 15:34:14 -0700

i have a few tips
1. all that stuff u shove under ur bed, yeah put that in a big shoe box and deal ith it later
2. hang a garbage bag on the wall on use it as a basket ball hoop
3. pay a friend a buck or2. she/he will love it
4. possibley get your mom to say ill give you some money if you clean it so if you can say " im doing it for the money...the money...the money...

mzlady134 wrote:
2012-09-09 12:26:06 -0700

i hate my room bein a mess!!!

Frizzy wrote:
2012-07-20 19:27:55 -0700

i know my parents are mad at me cuz my room!

beth loves you all xxx
beth loves you all xxx wrote:
2012-07-10 08:43:29 -0700

just chuck it all in the bin my mum does that when it gets bad.

KatieLovesYOU...RaWr! wrote:
2012-07-01 12:42:42 -0700

You don't even wanna see my room...

keke88426 wrote:
2012-06-30 09:45:17 -0700

i have the same problem

#1starwarsfan wrote:
2012-04-28 18:36:03 -0700

true dat

brainygirl4eva:) wrote:
2012-04-28 06:17:51 -0700

i hate my room being messy.

cool girl 2000
cool girl 2000 wrote:
2012-04-22 08:23:23 -0700

were do u live

BoredomGuy wrote:
2012-04-22 08:20:49 -0700

My room is clean wen ppl come over my house

bellathornesbiggestfan wrote:
2012-04-16 17:42:30 -0700

i make it into a game

Hershey97 wrote:
2012-04-15 16:21:07 -0700

just make sure to pick up after yourself, if you clean a little bit at a time, then it will make a big difference

gewlbee wrote:
2012-04-02 16:49:33 -0700


auralee_2075283 wrote:
2012-03-27 07:19:30 -0700

get a bunch of bins and organize your stuff according to what it does for each container/bin. That way, you'll always know where your stuff is and it'll be clean and organized.(:

elephantsandcandy wrote:
2012-03-26 15:30:21 -0700

like others said, throw it all on your bed.So when you go to sleep, it's right there and you'll HAVE to clean it.

prettywomanisme wrote:
2012-03-25 04:40:23 -0700

If your room is so messy that your mom and dad comment and make you clean it, I understand. I have to share a room with my sister, Giselle. Try and do a little bit at a time. Like my sister and I do a gmame. She pretends that she is taking a picture of our room for a magazine, and she needs our room to look clean, and perfect. She would say parts of things that we needed to clean up, and we would. Hope your messy room goes well with cleaning! IF you have
more problems, justemailme!it'sinmybio!

JJ1234AWESOME!!!!! wrote:
2012-03-21 15:55:16 -0700

get everything on the bed so you dont give up on it. you cant sleep! turn on the music to make the time go faster. put clothes away 1st. that takes mostof the room i bet. then its just stuff. you get some drawers and stuff like bookcases and display your pretties (or for boys stuff you really like) to make it personalize. I hope that helped. if i had a pic of your room it would help me. you can ask me some questions if you still want more ideas

Tay luvs ya!
Tay luvs ya! wrote:
2012-03-20 14:18:08 -0700

If it gets clean, it tends to stay that way unless i like leave a lot of tht week because i would drop off my stuff on my bed or floor and then grab something else and leave again, then the cycle continues and it just builds up!

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Grossest Thing You've Cleaned?

  • Puke!
  • Snot.
  • Dog poop.
  • My room!

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Awesomeme234 posted in Style:
I think you should be you wether or not your tomboy or girlie your being you. You have your own style and don't let nobody change that because THEY don't like it it only matters if YOU like it
reply about 13 hours
MissD posted in Style:
This is such an interesting question.. I'll tell you why I think so. I am BOTH the biggest tomboy ever and the girliest girl. I think being either or BOTH is more in YOUR mind than in anything else - it's an internal feeling. Femininity is so personal. I always, always, always have my nails done. BUT they are Gel so they never chip and when I am climbing up mountains or pulling on my wetsuit to things that I find typically damaging to your nails - they stay perfect. So I am doing these rather "tomboyish" activities but my nails are awesome :P I wear a lot of dresses but that doesn't deter me from any activity, the key is shorts underneath. I don't wear make up, not usually but I do love lip gloss. One think I guess I think is important though, feel it. Remind yourself how awesome and unique you are, no matter what you wear - hold your head high and remind yourself you are a QUEEN. Not a princess, lame. BUT a queen! Good Luck, and I love all the practical tips everyone provided. Great job you guys! 
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Moxie_Girls posted in Style:
Is it a movie?
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blakbutterfly posted in Style:
I'll say some stuff that 'girly-girls' do, and the stuff in the brackets would be things added by my best friend. Who is also very annoyingly sarcastic! -.- Paint your toes (get obsessed to them too, all of these girls are!), wear cute little dresses (don't mean huge ballgown style dresses, duh?) , or just fun-cute tops with jeans, maintain your nails (perfectly), take a lot of care about your skin, maintain it, cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate, and start doing make up. (Also, I would suggest to learn how to do a good hair flip, for some reason girly girls are like 'ERMAIGAWD' *flip hair*) Yes, my best friend is annoying but she's girly enough to be able to have a say in here. Here's a bit of advice from me, don't try to change your style because of what people might think or say, do it if you want to and if you feel comfortable with it. You are more than perfect the way you are, whether a tomboy or a girly-girl and it doesn't really matter what you are.
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Kirsteeeeen posted in Style:
Personally I think you should just find things you like and wear them without worrying about what style it fits in to. You should express yourself, not conform to other people's views/standards. :)
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