Homemade Valentines

It’s always a treat to get a Valentine from a loved one, a buddy or even your little brother. And what makes it’s even nicer is when the Valentine is homemade! Here are some creative ideas for adding a special touch for your special someone, or your little brother. Back to Article

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Layaa wrote:
2014-02-11 11:24:04 -0800

Yall Ass Need A Life ^ Lbvs

-InfiniteeSociety wrote:
2014-02-10 17:59:06 -0800

Plus ! Them lil suppossed to be hearts look like mf Fortune cookie marks like the hell ? ._. Messed up .-. Lmaao

-Angieeee wrote:
2014-02-10 17:51:39 -0800

Lmaooooo fr tho

-InfiniteeSociety wrote:
2014-02-10 17:49:15 -0800

Ight nah thas bs ... the hell ??a toilet paper roll tho ? Nah that's shhty as hell -.- I wish somwbody gave me that shht maaaannnn I'll slap & sock you soo hard -.-

-Angieeee wrote:
2014-02-10 17:46:57 -0800

What the hell are y'all niqquhs are poor to be doing this stuff SIKE ima bouta do all this shi for my dukes nawhh lemme stop I got that guap

JennyD wrote:
2013-10-06 08:51:09 -0700

These are nice!

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Did You Give Out Valentines?

  • Only to my BF/GF.
  • To my whole class.
  • I gave my close friends a Valentine.
  • No way! Valentines are for babies.

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