How To Make A Piñata

Traditionally seen at Mexican celebrations, piñatas can make any kind of party a smash – and even better, they’re fun to make! If you don’t mind literally getting your hands dirty, a piñata can be a great papier mache project for birthday parties, holidays and school projects. Find out how to make a piñata! Back to Article

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- Life_Is_Beautiful -
- Life_Is_Beautiful - wrote:
2012-05-05 16:15:30 -0700


SilverstreamFan327 wrote:
2012-05-05 15:55:20 -0700

In my school the 8th grade has to make pinatas for spanish class

_Obeyyy_ wrote:
2012-05-04 17:02:42 -0700

I Love Pinatas...

Nisha to cute to be Bhadd
Nisha to cute to be Bhadd wrote:
2012-05-04 12:18:34 -0700

i luv da money n candy 1s

CuteGrace wrote:
2012-05-03 04:27:46 -0700

im mexican and my god mother makes tose and sales them sooo i do need instructions i can go to her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Historian wrote:
2012-05-02 21:20:40 -0700

haha pinatas i love them hehe

chatboi13 wrote:
2012-03-24 15:38:56 -0700

cool i never knew that u can make one

-Alexxx wrote:
2012-03-24 14:11:33 -0700


nicole273 wrote:
2012-03-24 14:10:16 -0700

Cool good too know

princess_kw123 wrote:
2012-03-16 19:48:42 -0700

I Got It, I Know The Trick, Made One

baddymaddy556 wrote:
2012-02-26 10:00:55 -0800

i did try it its a peace a usles

Lifted wrote:
2012-02-21 17:55:41 -0800

Teena 25: Thx for warning off the WORST girl at art! :P

Teena 25
Teena 25 wrote:
2012-02-21 13:52:17 -0800

I tried it but i didnt work. Epic fail Worried

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  • Candle making.
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