Dear Dish-It: I Want to Be Popular

Em asks: “I really want to be popular, but I’m not sure how! Can you help?” Back to Article

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XxBreSwagxX wrote:
2012-07-26 20:34:40 -0700

bein popular isnt as awesome as it sounds. .. .believe me . . .i am an when evrybody knows yuh , they ALL wanna get in your business an ppl strt spreading rumors because they're jealous . . .yeah it can b fun when you're invited tew a whole buncha parties an get asked out by all the fine guys but . .. you can get a bad rep REAL quick . . .lets say it that way.

highlarious wrote:
2012-07-14 15:08:51 -0700

Why? Popular is different people your ordinary and unique just be yourself not someone else

funandfresh wrote:
2012-07-12 13:29:56 -0700

you just need to be yourself , people will come trough for you!

larriah12 wrote:
2012-07-09 19:12:20 -0700

ok the dress your best part is good advice but the find one person blah blah blah thats not neccessary true trust me just be yourself and find a group of people to hang out with and then hang out with more and more people then "pop" your popularity rate just went way up

princess20chatter20 wrote:
2012-07-09 13:14:09 -0700

Well there is one way but u wont be that popular. Just make freinds.Easy

PrettyAna0340 wrote:
2012-07-08 20:22:22 -0700

Popularity is not important!!!!! What is important is that you be yourself. it doesn't matter 'bout what u are, it only matters of who u are! The same thing has happened to me, i thought popularity was everthing but its not. Just be yourself and you'll see! smile

Jowa123 wrote:
2012-07-05 07:00:57 -0700

I want to b popular on kw

Mspinkninja123 wrote:
2012-06-27 14:31:42 -0700

ima sorry but why would anyone need o be popular i mean i wanna be my self i dont wanna change anything about me and if that means me not popular so be it i dont care i have my friends and thats all i need or want

pretty_in_pink11 wrote:
2012-06-25 20:25:09 -0700

okay i popular so i know..... okay dress to your best and find one popular person and start hanging with them and if you play a sport and are really good at it then your popular right there!!!

ILoveSoftball#10 wrote:
2012-06-17 18:45:39 -0700

I remember when I wanted to be popular in my school. I also brought myself up to that point and now I wish i hadn't done that sometimes because the more popular you are the more drama.

raerae bodge
raerae bodge wrote:
2012-06-16 14:13:21 -0700

???eh..hmmm,5 mins later,ehh...hmmmm,7 mins later borriinnng stupid as well Big Grin

EmzyLou wrote:
2012-06-16 13:46:18 -0700

i think its really dodgy cause guys on here are all OMG your so cute go out with me but geuss what? ive never had a boyfriend in real life and ive only been asked out once! Worried

heyitsmeh wrote:
2012-06-16 13:42:05 -0700

on kw, boys r like ur hot will u be my gf but at school nobody likes me they only hit on the armenian girls and im not being rasist i just wanna be popular !

Fallynreece8300 wrote:
2012-06-16 13:37:33 -0700

A popular person is sumone who has alot of friends not just cuz their cool

Zarnotthedragonhunter wrote:
2012-06-16 13:34:36 -0700


vegas101girl wrote:
2012-06-16 13:33:35 -0700

i am popular but i dont try to show it off and take advantage. alot of times people who are popular dont have the best of frineds but sometimes the unpopular kids found friends that will support them and be right beside them until the end. but that wasnt me i had the best of frineds they stuck by my side and sometimes we had ourt ups and downs but one day it was my last day at school becuz i had to move and then i realized even if i wasnt popular i would of still had friends who love and care4me

-CheyenneA- wrote:
2012-06-13 21:28:41 -0700

im popular at school... but most of my friends r just rude sometimes.

MalaciAnn wrote:
2012-06-12 23:34:26 -0700

i dont believe in being "popular" or not. its like ur dividing urself from ppl who go though the same things u do. they have homework. They get zits. They aren't perfect. my friend is labeled "popular" and she doesnt like it sometimes cuz 20 ppl text her at once and everybody tries to be her friend even if she doesnt like them. so be yourself, thats all that matters

Keke1033 wrote:
2012-06-05 13:46:34 -0700

I'm very popular at school but sometimes it gets annoying because people expect you to do certain things and its kinda hard to be yourself because people are ALWAYS judging you. But one good thing is everyone wants to be me. But i say just fing a group of friends and then meet their friends and then meet their friends friennds and ther=ir you go.

wwefan wrote:
2012-05-24 20:30:41 -0700

find frineds the stick witthe them

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