Dear Dish-It: My Brother is Autistic

PSS asks: “I have an autistic brother. Are there ways to get him to be more comfortable about everything?” Back to Article

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Disney_ wrote:
2014-09-03 12:10:36 -0700

Awh /.\

HUNKERS wrote:
2014-02-24 09:37:48 -0800

I have autism and I wasn't very social before my fam helped.

Tommy-loves-Trains wrote:
2014-01-11 05:24:40 -0800

Me and my brother have autism so we go to special schools

imagination44 wrote:
2013-07-22 12:51:27 -0700

my heart goes out to people and their familes who have autism

*touch_the_Sky99* wrote:
2013-07-08 19:35:11 -0700

my little brother is autistic. there is no person i love more one this planet then him smile

DiamBars wrote:
2013-04-07 14:58:32 -0700

My older bro has autism too. It's sad, but he is special too!

Goddess.of.Mischief wrote:
2012-12-03 16:42:39 -0800

My older brother and cousin have autism. My 4-year old "boyfriend" and his older brother have it too. They are just the kindest things I'll ever know!

Goddess.of.Mischief wrote:
2012-12-03 16:41:06 -0800

They are. My brother is, My 4-year old "boyfriend" and his older brother are autistic. They're the sweetest things ever!

Kristy17 wrote:
2012-11-30 09:45:01 -0800

My bro refuses to sit with ppl.

R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-11-20 17:09:12 -0800

My Broo Got Thiss Reaal Taalk , Buut He Sholl Got Somee Sensee To Knock Yoo Axx Ouut Lmaoo

rose52302 wrote:
2012-11-06 16:21:10 -0800

When someone thinks diff than other people, or when someone well it's hard to explain...ask your mom or dadsmile

Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2012-11-06 16:19:18 -0800

...What's autism....?

Smart Panther
Smart Panther wrote:
2012-11-06 16:01:25 -0800

I think people with autism are sweetpeople

rose52302 wrote:
2012-11-06 15:26:37 -0800

I love this!! you're a great sister to him! Remember to comfort him but don't treat him like a little kid. Let him do things on his own. like if you go to the same school, look for a kid that's his age and let them be friends. or, go to someone who works at the school and see if there's any other autistic kids that could be his friend!smile

Marbear21 wrote:
2012-10-27 11:37:43 -0700

I think people with autism are the sweetest people. One way to make him more comfortable is to make a game out of everything. Also just be with him a lot. What I found out is that most of the time all they need to feel comfortable is someone to be there who truly loves and cares for them.

purplezebra1235 wrote:
2012-09-12 13:25:29 -0700

My sister has autism

callmeyoyo23 wrote:
2012-09-11 21:56:21 -0700

Poor you!

vanillacupcake454 wrote:
2012-09-10 18:51:25 -0700

If i meet her brother i would have been his friend i wish i could be there for him

SunshineBeauty wrote:
2012-09-10 18:34:09 -0700

My sister has mild autism...

AlphaT wrote:
2012-09-02 08:11:42 -0700

Every one of the boys in my family, including me, have Autisim.

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I GONNA go draw
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