Money Saving Prom Fashion

Prom, the biggest night of your high school career, doesn't need to cost a fortune. Get tips on how to save money from dress to afterparty! Back to Article

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layshadacutie_2099896 wrote:
2012-06-10 13:36:03 -0700


ilovecharmed wrote:
2012-06-08 02:06:48 -0700

I can make u one for free. Im a designer

lalahalie wrote:
2012-06-04 05:53:00 -0700

Wow I All Ready Know What I Want for Prom Its A Turquoise dress

figuresk8ergirl10 wrote:
2012-06-01 17:44:59 -0700

I'm not old enough to go to prom, but when I do
go, I want to have an orange dress like Katniss's
interview dress... Wink

starqotswagg_1984515 wrote:
2012-05-30 08:56:12 -0700

Well having a platinum card I don't really need to save money. But when if i did need to I'd look for discounts and sales on items.

somindless=prodigy143 wrote:
2012-05-29 20:39:00 -0700

I dnt need to save no money I'll jus tell am family i need stuff for prom dey will go it wit me

southernbelle123 wrote:
2012-05-29 18:03:03 -0700

ive already got my dress picked out a camouflage cocktail dress with orange trim smile

stunna101 wrote:
2012-05-29 17:33:03 -0700

great tips awesumm!!

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-05-29 15:43:48 -0700


Poison&Wine_2036625 wrote:
2012-05-28 14:37:43 -0700

Its true vintage is the way to go

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Where Will You Buy Your Prom Dress?

  • I'm going to get a dress from The Princess Project!
  • I'll buy it at the most expensive boutique in the city.
  • I'm wearing my sister's hand-me-down gown.
  • I'll try to find a cheap, but pretty dress at the mall.

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reply about 1 hour
Theres This Girl I Like in class , we've Been friends for 2 years and i've grown to love her personality :) But the problem is im brown and shes, well White. Do i stand a chance? Does color really matter??
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mieuu posted in Style:
So I just bought my phone in September (and it's end of December now) and today while walking around I dropped it on the street and it cracked at the top of the screen and near the on/off button. Now, I can turn it on but the problem is that the screen won't show anything on it. The notification lights at the top still work and the two buttons light up near the home button but the screen doesn't work. I've tried putting it in charging, turning it on and off and putting the battery in and out but it doesn't work. Any tips for what I can do? I was thinking of taking it to a lab to fix it, but I wanna make sure there is another way I can fix it! Please answer asap thanks
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Do you and your siblings still care about each other? And parents are odd people, I've never been in this situation but I've known people that have. The best thing to do is get away from your mom as soon as possible because for the people I know it only got worst and talk to an adult or close family member before you do anything. Since your dad lives farther away then you need to find someone closer in your area to talk to. If your mom is being abusive then you need to find an adult with more authority, someone your mom will listen to and someone who can legally take you away from your mom. 
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