Book Review: The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

Eva Nine and her alien pals search for more of the human race in Tony DiTerlizzi’s amazing new book, The Search for WondLa. Kidzworld has the book review. Back to Article

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mafitayar wrote:
2012-10-28 08:40:06 -0700

The book is the best i am reading it and i dont wana put it down

olivia1655 wrote:
2012-07-07 10:53:26 -0700

OMG!!! Im reading this book right now it's so good I never wanna put this book down!

pegasusathena1 wrote:
2012-06-27 13:44:10 -0700

This book is so good!!!! Need to reread it before I read a Hero for WondLa the second one in the series. smile

Cartoonstationary wrote:
2012-06-25 18:47:54 -0700

My friend Kait is reading it. SHE SAID ITS THE BEST! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU KatieH2? xD

pretty gurl style
pretty gurl style wrote:
2012-06-25 13:21:16 -0700

i think thjatstuff sucks to me Angry

Nekolove wrote:
2012-06-24 17:33:29 -0700

I think the first book is good, the middle of it is a
little dragged out, but I love the way it ends. And the second book (A hero for WondLa) Is GREAT.
You have to be patient though because for some people this book might be difficult for them. I say 10+. Give it a shot im reading the second book now.

KatieH2 wrote:
2012-06-20 14:21:10 -0700

this is the worst book ever no matter how good it sounds it is not good dont read it!!!!

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What's your favorite topic in sci-fi books?

  • Dystopias (new corrupt societies, such as The Hunger Games)
  • Post-apocalyptic (end of the world novels, such as The Forest of Hands and Teeth)
  • Epidemics (outbreaks of disease, such as The Scorch Trials)
  • Aliens and Other Planets (such as The Knife of Never Letting Go)

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It's all good bro! XD
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Yo WATS up
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