Dear Dish-It, My Best Friend Steals From Me

I think my best friend has been stealing from me secretly. Every time she spends a night and leaves, there is always something missing. I don't know what to do. Please help me on this problem. Back to Article

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Destiny135689 wrote:
2012-08-12 04:05:05 -0700


awesome-kc wrote:
2012-02-02 18:19:40 -0800

i think stealing is wrong. although, i feel bad for people who don't have a lot and see people who do Frown

AngelOfMine14 wrote:
2012-01-30 16:48:17 -0800

When I was in therd grade my neighbor stole from me and the next day she had the same thing that I had! She made up lies saying they were her's and stuff. Plus I was afriad to tell her all the time cuz she was much older than. They almost stole somthing I really liked Sad

klendaa wrote:
2011-07-04 10:19:20 -0700

do the right thing

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Should Friends Get Second Chances?

  • Yeah, everyone deserves a second chance.
  • It depends on what they've done to you.
  • Not if it involves dating your ex - that's low.
  • Never. If you're mad at them, you're mad for a reason.

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So I think your best option is try a sharpie and see if it stays on better. If it doesn't work try to make one of those fake nails.
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