Dear Dish-It: Everyone Has a Boyfriend Except Me

Lover Girl asks: "I want a boyfriend because all my friends have one, but it’s the summer holidays now so it’s hard to find one. I tried looking for a boyfriend in a chat room, but there was no one my age. What should I do? How can I get a boyfriend?" Back to Article

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prettygirlswagg23 wrote:
2012-09-30 12:48:15 -0700

just cause evert one else has a boy friednd doesnt mean u need one u are happy with out one cause they will just break ur heart

Young lyric lyrkkall
Young lyric lyrkkall wrote:
2012-09-30 08:21:02 -0700

Ask Sombody! You Know Your Pretty I Bet Everybody Else Thinks You Are To,So... Just Look Right Up And Say Hi....Big Grin

xboxlive Ryan
xboxlive Ryan wrote:
2012-09-29 07:29:09 -0700

yeah don't date a guy oh the chat room b/c they mite be a
rapest and soon YOU WILL FIND THE GUY

cuter than u vang
cuter than u vang wrote:
2012-09-27 18:23:03 -0700

Just be your self dnt just date a random guy u want someone who will treat u right and guys like innocent girls that dnt care what they look like they like natural beauties

PurpleZebra2000 wrote:
2012-09-27 16:46:43 -0700

Just start paying more attention to the guys in your classes and near your locker. Once you find a guy you might like, start to talkto him and make him like you. If you don't find anyone, then try what others say.

Boss Chic Miyah
Boss Chic Miyah wrote:
2012-09-26 18:34:45 -0700

u don't need a boyfriend u can be an independent girl and shouldn't need anyone to tell you that your beautiful or smart or funny(like me) sooo yea...

Skittles9815 wrote:
2012-09-26 05:33:46 -0700

I would like that chart if that's ok...

thisgirlgotswagg123 wrote:
2012-09-25 17:18:41 -0700

hey lovergirl i know how it feels but having a boyfriend really isn't all that as people make it seem i think you should just take your time and enjoy life and dont let this stuff get to your head smile

jellies_gurl wrote:
2012-09-24 13:17:20 -0700

buddy me for more info! PurdyFoo knows a chart that i can give to you!

jellies_gurl wrote:
2012-09-24 13:16:58 -0700

hey, lover girl! First, you may need a makeover! Then, you an find a boy that YOU like!

_Millennium14381_ wrote:
2012-09-23 16:56:21 -0700

Having a boyfriend is great in all, don't get me wrong, but be careful with the responsibitly for having one.

buggybug15 wrote:
2012-09-22 20:13:29 -0700

wow i never looked at it that way but i will wait for the right person to come my way. Thank you

Lola15948 wrote:
2012-09-21 09:20:25 -0700

I want one to I'm just waiting till this one guy asks me out but I dont think he will

PrinzRyland wrote:
2012-09-21 06:52:09 -0700

WOOOOOOOOOOWW creeeps hang in I feel like a creep :l

Rayanna1234 wrote:
2012-09-21 04:52:54 -0700

i rarely fall in love

_Millennium14381_ wrote:
2012-09-17 19:05:46 -0700

Even though you do not have one, and want one, you have to remember that you shouldn't have a boyfriend just because, it should be becasue you BOTH are comitting to it. Yea, having a boyfriend is great, but just remember, even though it's fun, it's serious too!

- Nataliaa -_2255781
- Nataliaa -_2255781 wrote:
2012-09-16 20:11:23 -0700

I want one tooo ;

brebre234 wrote:
2012-09-16 12:22:28 -0700

Wait until you meat that special one or person smile

kalya222 wrote:
2012-09-16 07:34:29 -0700

whywhywhy would u find a boyfriend in the chat room have you read the rules no dateing on this sight

puppup236 wrote:
2012-09-15 11:05:47 -0700

just be your self and wait untill someone swoops you off your feet.

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um.... my best friend, she acting weird this week. she asked a lot about and whatever.  I just dont know why she did dah to me. she is my classmate and we just friends. 
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Ashleexo posted in Family Issues:
"Brianna09" wrote:Most of the time I am not allowed on the internet in my room so they will know what I am doing anytime they want. Its for your own protection Brianna. There is alot of inappropriate stuff on there for a 9 year old. I went through the same and around 12 they stopped controlling what I am looking at.
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tanaj952 posted in Friends:
I think we all go through it,  I am right now. Keep your chin up, smile on, and remember that to be mean these girls have to sink pretty low, and if they are bullying you, YOU ARE ABOVE THEM!!!!! Keep your friends close, never forget to be who you are (as cheesy as it sounds, thats what I did and now I am really happy with loads of friends. I also told a teacher, she sorted it all out pretty quick to.) . Last thing-tell a teacher. I did, and she talked to the mean girl. Now everyone knows I'm not afraid to do it, either. Bad times will pass, and good ones will come. Look after yourself. Xx. *virtual hugs*
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somewhere in between. because I like sports and going outside. but I do care about the way I look sometimes.  
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Sure, I wear them a lot.  As long as you're not wearing the really tight kind, which should go with a dress or skirt or something, it's totally cool.
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