Dear Dish-It: My Brother Is More Popular Than Me

Lonely asks: I feel like no one likes me. On Kidzworld, I have less than 30 friends, while my brother has over 100. At school I’m invisible, and my brother’s so popular. All the girls like him and he has a girlfriend. But when I tried to ask a girl out, she laughed in my face. The friends I do have think I’m really fun and cool to hang out with, but I don’t have many. My brother is a jerk, too. Whenever his friends are around, he completely ignores me, but people still like him. Why? I feel so alone. Back to Article

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american_brit wrote:
2014-08-26 15:02:55 -0700

Wait! I wasn't done... Frustrated

american_brit wrote:
2014-08-26 15:02:38 -0700

^-^ It's okay. First off, you have friends who truly seem to like you for simply being YOU. If your brother's the jerk you say he is -not that he is... than those girls don't truly like him, they like his image. big difference.

alexiarina123 wrote:
2014-05-21 15:38:25 -0700

don't worry about your brother

Puppylover01 wrote:
2014-03-22 18:11:33 -0700


Puppylover01 wrote:
2014-03-22 18:11:03 -0700

I don't have any siblings. Do you wanna friend me?

Stevie-Mae wrote:
2014-01-25 17:57:38 -0800

My brothers like that, he's way more popular than me and we're usually so close but when all of his friends are round he always asks me where my friends are and embarrasses me in font of his mates and frankly I'd rather be ignored Frustrated

_PrettyGirlSwag101_ wrote:
2013-12-30 23:36:39 -0800

id love to be ur friend add me

iimikuii wrote:
2013-08-02 20:29:29 -0700

Add me I would love to be your friend!!!!!! Big Grin Blush Punk

iimikuii wrote:
2013-08-02 20:29:28 -0700

Add me I would love to be your friend!!!!!! Big Grin Blush Punk

mathcrazy2013 wrote:
2013-08-02 11:40:21 -0700

I will be your friend. You sound super cool, unlike your brother. Add me!

TMNTnerdgurl12 wrote:
2013-07-26 19:18:52 -0700

add me! I'm SUPER friendly!

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-07 13:28:21 -0700

I'll be ur friend! I add everyone who adds me 1st!

Kaykaysgonecraycray wrote:
2013-05-16 15:05:39 -0700

I'll be your friend! Just click my username and click add. I always accept! &heart;

kittennumber7 wrote:
2013-05-16 15:02:25 -0700

I'll be your friend! Just add me since I don't know your username.

Ketta123 wrote:
2013-04-26 10:30:07 -0700

Hey, I would love 2 b 1 of ur friends!
Ketta 123

milifeska8 wrote:
2013-04-07 04:52:21 -0700

Making million friends is not a miracle... Miracle is one real friend smile

Jelly3 wrote:
2013-04-07 04:14:39 -0700

Making million friends is not a miracle....a miracle is having one friend who stands up to the million who r against u smile!

i31direction wrote:
2013-04-02 21:04:55 -0700

dont worry just try ur best to be noticable and if i was about ur age and went to the same school i would be ur friend

Robbin_ wrote:
2013-01-25 21:17:57 -0800

You sound like a friend I have. His twin is always more popular, more athletic, gets all the girls. Thing is, his twins a real jerk. Sometimes brothers can be mean. It stinks sometimes but don't be mean to other people to be popular. Just be yourself. Don't try to be like your brother. smile

tucan9 wrote:
2013-01-24 14:42:28 -0800

my youunger sister has more friends than me I am a 11 yr old girl I am never asked out or anything so I do not think its that bad he is just older thats why but I am older I do not have as many friends its totally normal

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"alexiarina123" wrote:ignore him and pretend he is not there , brothers are like that. This. If you don't let him know it bothers you he won't do it. That's just the way brothers work.
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