Top 5 Back to School Gadgets for 2012

The sun is waning, the leaves are browning and whispers of back to school are in the air. Time to gear down with some fabulous new back to school gadgets for 2012! Back to Article

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WizardGirl3311 wrote:
2013-11-04 19:11:33 -0800

I personally prefer a NOOK than a Kindle, but thats just me

Paradise_Styles wrote:
2012-12-16 11:18:06 -0800

Smartpen sounds cool

Lulu26562 wrote:
2012-09-11 22:25:43 -0700

Honestly, you can just go to the dollar store and get yourself a $1 calculator. The others.. You can use an iPad for
reading as well. And the pen.. you can find one on E-bay or Craigslist for a cheaper price.

Striker24 wrote:
2012-09-09 12:17:54 -0700

I want iPad 2 :P

The Legendary
The Legendary wrote:
2012-09-05 00:48:06 -0700

Nice choice!smile

purplezebra1235 wrote:
2012-09-04 13:04:22 -0700

i hav all these things and i hav a turtle flash drive

rainbowskittles wrote:
2012-09-04 07:27:41 -0700

I love the smart pen! omg.

visualize phantom_2222125
visualize phantom_2222125 wrote:
2012-09-03 14:47:14 -0700

cool.. lve it.

Noori wrote:
2012-09-03 11:30:43 -0700

awesssooomeee love it :*

Striker24 wrote:
2012-09-03 11:04:55 -0700

I can't believe my USB broke >Mad

cyce wrote:
2012-09-03 10:33:45 -0700

my friend has the best pens of the best like OF THE BEST! and Im sitting beside him with a pencil thinking "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sabree23_1685957 wrote:
2012-09-02 19:54:07 -0700

Lol , its more of a distraction than anything!

cutecoolangel wrote:
2012-09-01 14:51:55 -0700

What do you think school is??? Having $150 pens ipads and kindles doesnt make u do better.. You just need simple things and your brain

draconboy wrote:
2012-08-31 23:21:55 -0700

I agree with 319 princess, but the reason the pen is so expensive is because it records, plays
games and is a very intelligent appliance. Tongue Out

319princess wrote:
2012-08-31 16:46:14 -0700

ipads, kindles, and $150 pens, really? money doesn't grow on trees in everyone's backyards! unless your parents are millionaires, these "school supplies" aren't happening. I honestly don't understand how they're really for school...

Laneybug1013 wrote:
2012-08-29 18:34:55 -0700

i have a nook

kevz123 wrote:
2012-08-28 19:23:51 -0700

I HATE the stupid kindles i have a kindledire anit plain just sucks

Un-thinkableImaginary:3 wrote:
2012-08-28 13:59:51 -0700

These items are nice but their prices suck. The prices that I think is fair is the Kindle and the iPad 2. The rest? Seriously? $150.00 for a pen and over two hundred dollars for a calculator? Really?

allen wrote:
2012-08-28 09:20:11 -0700

I love the Kindle. It is the coolest thing ever.

XxxLizzyXxx wrote:
2012-08-28 04:59:30 -0700

$150.00 for a pen?

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Coolest Back-to-School Gadget?

  • SmartGlobe.
  • iQuest Handheld.
  • Sonic Sleuth Listening Device & Binoculars.
  • Littlest Pet Shop Electronic Pet.

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