Dear Dish-It: Fearing Puberty

Fearful asks: I’m a guy, and I’m afraid of going through puberty. I don’t know how to tell my dad because I’m afraid of getting “the talk.” What should I do? Back to Article

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MILAHLAH_2114879 wrote:
2012-11-16 21:13:26 -0800

"the talk" is talking about $3z and puberty and other chiz like dat

elotheprincess5900 wrote:
2012-11-16 21:11:56 -0800

I havent had the talk yet if i already have

kep7hk wrote:
2012-11-16 21:07:04 -0800

What the hell is "the talk"?

kikilee wrote:
2012-11-16 21:04:02 -0800

hehe the talk Big Grin had it 5 times U_U

aero to the fullest
aero to the fullest wrote:
2012-11-16 20:48:05 -0800

I had the talk and is weird but I understand know

iMuffin wrote:
2012-11-16 20:43:55 -0800

lol its not painful

bubblegumluv712 wrote:
2012-11-16 20:38:04 -0800

the talk made me not look at anyone right for months!

PrincessZELDA1996 wrote:
2012-10-27 08:48:44 -0700

I'm a female, I went through puberty a year and a half ago. My mother gave me "the talk" and i was grossed out for a day or two but you should just get it over with. So you don't have to worry about it.

lucy loves union j
lucy loves union j wrote:
2012-10-23 07:53:52 -0700

i mite have mine and by the way its not scary but its painfull

JJ99_foreva wrote:
2012-10-23 07:43:05 -0700

Im growing a mustache

funky fresh boy
funky fresh boy wrote:
2012-10-23 07:25:18 -0700

i'm growing a beard

crazy 1D
crazy 1D wrote:
2012-10-22 16:00:39 -0700

i haven't gotten mine but i don't want it to happen yet though i am scared too

uknowmeme wrote:
2012-10-08 22:34:41 -0700

I truthfully DONT have mine yet, at ALL, so it's wierd to c u guys talkin bout it

K.G BALLER wrote:
2012-10-07 17:34:02 -0700

already hd the change

xWildBoYxD wrote:
2012-10-07 11:05:21 -0700

beenn there done that the most careful person you can talk to is your older brother older brothers will always b there no matter wat i looked up to my bro n he helped me n i wasnt really scared of nothing that i was goin threw older brothers r the KEY

CoolxDav01 wrote:
2012-10-02 20:53:42 -0700

I'm turning 12 in JAN. But I am already epering some cahnges but I am actually excited for Puberty

skipperthedog wrote:
2012-09-23 08:21:53 -0700

im only turning ten but i have a great system i made many graphs charts and stuff planning about college, high school, money, a house my best friend and i swore to God we were going to live with each other and never fall in love so no fears!

sorrcermickey wrote:
2012-09-18 17:49:10 -0700

oh thats helpful *slaps* who would be crying then

sorrcermickey wrote:
2012-09-18 17:48:15 -0700

oh thats so helpful way to go *slaps across the face* whos crying now god ...stupid

sorrcermickey wrote:
2012-09-18 17:46:12 -0700

oh yeah thats going to help him get through it

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Puberty - What's the Most Embarrassing?

  • Lots of zits.
  • Voice cracking.
  • All that hair.
  • All of the above!

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my parents would be around 7
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My parents are very lenient about chores and messing around but they are NOT lenient at all about lying, respect, homework or safety stuff.
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