Dear Dish-It: Am I Still in Love With My Ex?

Confused asks: I have a new boyfriend who I like very much. But when I’m with him, I can’t help comparing everything he does to my ex-boyfriend. Is this normal? Does it mean I’m still in love with my ex? Back to Article

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Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2013-06-23 19:43:59 -0700

@AlphaT: Yeah this is a pretty boring article.

100pigy wrote:
2013-06-23 19:43:15 -0700

my ex was sweet intill he broke my hart

AlphaT wrote:
2013-06-23 19:42:53 -0700


Blind Faith
Blind Faith wrote:
2013-06-23 19:38:20 -0700

I didn't even like my ex in the first place ._.

-Beccaisme wrote:
2013-06-23 19:32:28 -0700

i want to go out with my ex again. but he keeps on going back to the night that i dumpd him because so many people were telling me he was cheating and he wasent answering me so i assumed... i regret it so much! he was cheating..

MyaTewPretty wrote:
2013-06-23 19:27:54 -0700

I still love my ex

lilshianti wrote:
2013-06-23 19:26:49 -0700

I'm going back out with my ex

PrideInWastedYouth_2297646 wrote:
2013-06-23 19:26:08 -0700


R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2013-06-23 19:24:02 -0700

nah , i'm good . he'll be fine . ♥

Kaykaysgonecraycray wrote:
2013-06-23 19:23:43 -0700

Me and my ex still like eachother. A lot. :T

Its_Whats_Her_Name wrote:
2013-06-23 19:20:52 -0700

._. I Still Like Mine.

PrideInWastedYouth_2297646 wrote:
2013-06-23 19:18:53 -0700

I hate my ex.

cherry2 wrote:
2013-06-23 19:16:24 -0700

me too

Tyonnia Styles_2417899
Tyonnia Styles_2417899 wrote:
2013-06-23 19:00:52 -0700

Big time!!! I am!

SuperManIsHere wrote:
2013-06-23 18:59:54 -0700

I'm still inlove with him ....

YoursTruelyGaven wrote:
2013-06-23 18:59:16 -0700

Im still in love

isisash121 wrote:
2013-06-23 18:57:40 -0700

I still have feelings for x-bf

Miss_Me_Bhadddd wrote:
2013-05-06 12:56:59 -0700

Some times it mean that you still love him and you still care about him no matter what happen together or not I'll always love my ex and we do talk maybe you guess should talk and maybe that will help you know what you want

beautiful mimi!!!
beautiful mimi!!! wrote:
2013-04-02 14:57:12 -0700

Im still in love

lilmiss kayla 101
lilmiss kayla 101 wrote:
2013-03-24 00:37:49 -0700

I ask my self tha same question

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  • Your BFF is way more important.
  • You gotta stay loyal to your BF.
  • They are equally important.
  • I guess it depends on your situation.

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