Dear Dish-It: How Do I Stop The Bullying?

Bullied asks: I have been bullied for a while now and I don't know why. I'm not the slimmest or the prettiest, though I've been told that I have a great personality. What do I do to make the bullying stop, and what do I change about myself? Back to Article

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mimishanna wrote:
2014-01-03 20:10:28 -0800

Just don't tell a teacher because then they will call you a snitch this doesn't mean I support bullying try to stay with a group of friends then they don't want to bully you

awesomedude426 wrote:
2014-01-03 14:35:12 -0800

people were bulling since I was in kindergarten. I just ignored them for 5 years.

lovemelove123 wrote:
2013-12-23 10:57:06 -0800

the girl at the top is right. u dont have to change yourself. im bullied too. by this girl that goes to my daycare. she calls me ugly stupid and other things i cry sometimes at home but my mom told me to just ignore it or say so .now i dont care.

mikirat242 wrote:
2013-12-22 16:20:42 -0800

I know I already told u to tell to back off, But another reason they bully u is because they come from broken homes. Talk to them. Ask tnem what u can do to help. U can even bake them cookies. Who knows, they can go from enemies to BFFsSmile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose Smile Nose

austind wrote:
2013-12-21 06:17:05 -0800

go tell her mom or dad.

kelly168 wrote:
2013-12-19 05:38:41 -0800

Hi you don't need to change yourself you just need to stand up for yourself but not in a bullying way.

MonsterGirl900 wrote:
2013-12-18 15:55:49 -0800

Dont listen to them its just they are jealous of you. They want you to live your life in misery.

XxCryXx wrote:
2013-12-16 14:22:42 -0800


vinyl wrote:
2013-12-16 13:03:32 -0800

r u really kidding me? that would just turn her into a bully!

reddevils123 wrote:
2013-12-16 11:16:29 -0800

people who bully have a problem of there own and they bully others to make there selves feel better but they are not aware of all the pain they are bringing to that person

Tatiana111 wrote:
2013-12-16 11:06:55 -0800

People who bully have no life. They just bring others down, and with that people should stand up for their selves. Also...Bystanders. People around them. They need to do something too. They have the MOST POWER in this situation and they should stand up for that person. People now a days...Need to learn to not bully others.

Kathrynn_2610739 wrote:
2013-12-10 05:19:29 -0800

If someone bullies you be confident and stand up straight and make eye contact, use body language to show you are not afraid. If needed ask friends or adults for help. don't keep it a secret.

leandrinker_2521602 wrote:
2013-12-09 20:55:42 -0800

If someone bully you take there head and just slam it against a locker. Then when there daze elbow them then kick them in the face.

alyssacat wrote:
2013-12-07 12:32:54 -0800

stand up for yourself. be you do you have a great. life tell your parents. or friend. teacher. or family members. be stronger. have faith. then you be honest to each other. love . alyssacat.

Halley111 wrote:
2013-12-06 15:10:15 -0800

oh sorry i meant they aren't bulling because of you

Halley111 wrote:
2013-12-06 15:08:55 -0800

they are bulling because of you it can be someone at home if it really brings you down do something you enjoy for me soccer and gymnastics

TheThinker wrote:
2013-12-02 16:57:34 -0800

Simply stay around your friends or family.
If you feel the need to stand up,dont.

InternetOwl wrote:
2013-12-02 16:41:01 -0800

I've been bullied before, and it's very hard to ignore bullies but it does help to try.

londongirl55 wrote:
2013-12-01 17:05:29 -0800

if u know that what they are saying isnt true then just ignore them

mikirat242 wrote:
2013-11-28 12:50:43 -0800

Tell them to BACK THE HECK OFF!

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What Should Be Done With School Bullies? Vote!

  • Send them to a far out planet in outer space.
  • Make them eat spinach and tofu for a month.
  • Give them a year of detention.
  • Give them lots of hugs and talk about their feelings.

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