Dear Dish-It: How Do I Stop The Bullying?

Bullied asks: I have been bullied for a while now and I don't know why. I'm not the slimmest or the prettiest, though I've been told that I have a great personality. What do I do to make the bullying stop, and what do I change about myself? Back to Article

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batgirl70000 wrote:
2012-11-13 08:37:08 -0800

i get bullied but i ignore them i dont give them the satifaction thats what people sould do

designer_me555 wrote:
2012-11-12 17:57:22 -0800

I got bullied since grade 1 and today,i don't really get bullied that much anymore.I have 2 bffs that had a similar situation like me and now my class is 99% bully-free

bieber_wife wrote:
2012-11-12 17:37:14 -0800

Stop the bullying NOW

funny925 wrote:
2012-11-12 17:32:23 -0800

bulies gone get beat up one day because at school somebody wanna beat me up

BitterSweetApple wrote:
2012-11-12 17:28:54 -0800

don't change anything about you expose them on a news channel thats wat i did and my bullies stoped smile

-Annaliese. wrote:
2012-11-12 16:55:51 -0800

bullying makes me sick. things like amanda todd happen. RIP.

summercane wrote:
2012-11-12 16:24:41 -0800

bullies are dum

fungirl94 wrote:
2012-11-12 16:17:48 -0800

My sis buliies me all the time

MZ.BABYDOLL23100 wrote:
2012-11-12 16:08:05 -0800

if u are being bullied tell a teacher dont let them get u down or tell a fammily member

mary121 wrote:
2012-11-12 15:56:56 -0800

i hate bullies!

Emma_Luvs_Unicorns wrote:
2012-11-12 15:44:45 -0800

Sis I Didnt Know they Were Beating u up!

jocey123 wrote:
2012-11-12 14:55:22 -0800

i been bullied before it sux doesnt it just ignore them it rly does suck

Fallen.Emotions wrote:
2012-11-12 14:44:38 -0800


mbfanfaevea wrote:
2012-11-12 14:43:23 -0800

True but my bullies dont know that Ive tried. Omg thats 13 people. Aww Im sorry. If I could I would take the 13 bullies and give you the4 bullies. 13 is too much

mbfanfaevea wrote:
2012-11-12 14:41:41 -0800

Sow or slow?

Fallen.Emotions wrote:
2012-11-12 14:37:01 -0800

Yea ive Tried It Too. But that gave them More To Bully Me About...
Im Getting Bullied By.
about 10 Cheerleaders and 3 Football Players

davdog wrote:
2012-11-12 14:35:06 -0800

you are sow cool dont lisin to them, they have no home traning.

mbfanfaevea wrote:
2012-11-12 14:34:02 -0800

Omg 3rd grade! Im so sorry! And ikr! We even be nice to them and they just ugh! My best friend even turned her back on me. Im getting bullied by 5 people all at the same time. I even tried to kill myself because I couldnt take it v.v

Fallen.Emotions wrote:
2012-11-12 14:26:39 -0800

Right Its Like Were a Good Person and They Just Pick us to be Bullied on... Im Getting Tired Of it....
I Have Been Being Bullied Ever Since i was in 3rd Grade...

mbfanfaevea wrote:
2012-11-12 14:25:12 -0800

Omg! I cant believe they put your head through a window!!!! Damn,why do bullies have to do this to us.Exactly what did we do to make them do this to us.

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What Should Be Done With School Bullies? Vote!

  • Send them to a far out planet in outer space.
  • Make them eat spinach and tofu for a month.
  • Give them a year of detention.
  • Give them lots of hugs and talk about their feelings.

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Awesomeme234 posted in Style:
I think you should be you wether or not your tomboy or girlie your being you. You have your own style and don't let nobody change that because THEY don't like it it only matters if YOU like it
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This is such an interesting question.. I'll tell you why I think so. I am BOTH the biggest tomboy ever and the girliest girl. I think being either or BOTH is more in YOUR mind than in anything else - it's an internal feeling. Femininity is so personal. I always, always, always have my nails done. BUT they are Gel so they never chip and when I am climbing up mountains or pulling on my wetsuit to things that I find typically damaging to your nails - they stay perfect. So I am doing these rather "tomboyish" activities but my nails are awesome :P I wear a lot of dresses but that doesn't deter me from any activity, the key is shorts underneath. I don't wear make up, not usually but I do love lip gloss. One think I guess I think is important though, feel it. Remind yourself how awesome and unique you are, no matter what you wear - hold your head high and remind yourself you are a QUEEN. Not a princess, lame. BUT a queen! Good Luck, and I love all the practical tips everyone provided. Great job you guys! 
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Is it a movie?
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