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Irish twins John and Edward Grimes became an instant pop sensation overseas when they appeared on the 6th season of The X Factor (UK). Combining both their names they formed the band Jedward and have since put out three albums, gone on tour with other X Factor contestants and represented Ireland in the Eurovision music contest. Find out more about the twins in their Kidzworld Bio! Back to Article

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MIA-Lionwars_2261690 wrote:
2012-09-30 16:21:06 -0700


Some`Cool`Username_1875379 wrote:
2012-09-26 18:30:45 -0700

look at dem cheeeeck bones

KawaiiCutie223 wrote:
2012-09-26 12:19:35 -0700

I saw them once when I stayed with my cousin in
Lucan in Dublin!
Im Truly Irish lads.

xPeanutButterJellyTimex wrote:
2012-09-25 20:49:57 -0700

hmmm.... they seem kinda creepy Frustrated

Karri Iero
Karri Iero wrote:
2012-09-25 18:40:38 -0700

Before I clicked this... I thought it was "Jedward" for Jacob and Edward... XD

anniecanfly wrote:
2012-09-25 15:53:01 -0700

Jedward are waaay cute! I'm English too and I know loads of people who are crazy about them. They're so funny and they wear really cool clothes and have really cool hair. Sometimes they have it down and sometimes they have it spiked up.

anna 1999
anna 1999 wrote:
2012-09-25 09:33:40 -0700

OMG instand pop sensation nu uh no one likes em im english i would no

lilcashgal wrote:
2012-09-25 08:03:02 -0700

luv emm!!

elliebells wrote:
2012-09-24 23:31:40 -0700

theyre not cute! They dont even sing they mouth the words. They didnt even win the xfactor they went out in the semi finals! But theyre hair is kinda funky

niallhoran12 wrote:
2012-09-24 21:30:18 -0700

they r so hot i wish i could date on of them

bubblegumluv712 wrote:
2012-09-24 17:04:46 -0700

theyre HAWT

bubblegumluv712 wrote:
2012-09-24 17:04:28 -0700

@kyleasmile duh!

kyleasmile321 wrote:
2012-09-24 16:54:19 -0700

thy luk just alike

catsr#1 wrote:
2012-09-24 16:18:43 -0700

OMG!!! these guys are amazing! they are so cute!

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