Learn How to Knit

Knitting is a great way to make your own clothes and accessories. Hats or scarves, sweaters or socks, you can make some wild comfy clothes. And isn’t just for old people and it isn’t just for girls, knitting is for everyone. Back to Article

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DJ X wrote:
2012-10-11 16:31:29 -0700

i wanna learn how to knit so bad im creative so i might injoy knitting

Its.Me.Landon_2139962 wrote:
2012-10-11 16:12:28 -0700

Can someone knit me a blanket?
Im freezing...

pinkfish2230 wrote:
2012-10-11 10:17:26 -0700

I am going to Learn to Knit

Lottie is Here xx
Lottie is Here xx wrote:
2012-10-11 08:31:54 -0700

I can not knit but I might tryy

PhotOwl wrote:
2012-10-10 21:26:50 -0700

I learned how to crochet by watching videos on the internet and reading articles. I started with simple stitches and when I got comfortable I learned more smile All it takes is practice!

Girlgal! wrote:
2012-10-10 19:36:19 -0700


gingerhead2 wrote:
2012-10-10 18:04:40 -0700

i wanna learn too mainmuffin i agree wit hyuh Wink Grin

mainmuffin wrote:
2012-10-10 17:31:13 -0700

I want to learn how.

katie100087 wrote:
2012-10-10 13:40:27 -0700

i love knitting

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What is Yarn Bombing?

  • Bombs filled with yarn are dropped on an area and the entire space is covered in knitting.
  • People knit cozies that cover and decorate public installations.
  • Knitting that covers a bomb when it is in transport so that movement won't detonate the bomb.
  • Throwing balls of yarn.

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