Etnies' New Footwear Collection Based on Phineas and Ferb

Etnies' new children’s footwear collection based on Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb is available now at and retailers around the world. Back to Article

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trackgirl21 wrote:
2013-02-17 11:21:21 -0800

ooh nice shoes

damian_2012 wrote:
2013-02-17 08:44:27 -0800

its alright i like vans and 6.0 s more

mr timenator 1435
mr timenator 1435 wrote:
2012-12-29 18:38:35 -0800

friend me and cool shoes

jjtjp2020 wrote:
2012-10-27 07:03:41 -0700

those r cool lol!!!!!

Butterfly rootbeer
Butterfly rootbeer wrote:
2012-10-21 16:22:36 -0700


FAVOUR_1618439 wrote:
2012-10-16 23:15:55 -0700


taytay35baby wrote:
2012-10-16 15:00:55 -0700

They Cute For Lil Kidz Lik 3-7

kcoolz_2270766 wrote:
2012-10-16 05:06:40 -0700

i want some perry shoes Love

boo-boo299 wrote:
2012-10-16 03:39:06 -0700

It`s good for younger kids but not my age type.

{TheWhiteBarbie} wrote:
2012-10-15 16:29:26 -0700

i want the first ones♥

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idxc- posted in Family Issues:
i don't think the word 'desperate' has anything to do with that, tbh.
reply about 2 hours
...See....the thing is....idek what you just said. Soooo.... And so, after I read it again, I got the parts where you said your uncle...looked like a dinosaur. Well, that has nothing to do with desperation. Maybe a little bit rude?
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arthi posted in Friends:
In my opinion I think telling him is the best option and from what you told me it seems like he likes you too so Idon't think you should be shy but if you are you can always have a friend ask him out for you but I think it would be best if you asked him :)
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dear dish it,  there is this guy in my class called Ryan and we have been real good friends for 3 years now. we always chat online and talk about funny stuff and who his friends like or mine but. What he doesn't no that I'm crazy for him Always catch him looking at  me me in class and all I do is look down at the floor or at the teacher I'm a bit shy when it comes to boys. Whenever he sees me doing nothing or talking to my friends and laughing he would come over and chat with me. I would love to ask him out but I'm just scared that I will get rejected and he will go off telling his friends what I did so I wish there was a way I could try to get his attention and let him no without telling him that I like him. Please help I realy like him
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kittengirl157 posted in Style:
You need to think of an idea in you head. I thought of a classic look with a modern twist. It is very 70s and 80s like but I added bright colors to it and it turn out perfectly. Know I need to find the skirt in my size.
reply about 8 hours