Dear Dish-It: My Crush Doesn’t Know I Exist!

Dear Dish-It: I’ve had a crush on this guy for over two years now. We’ve had five classes together and this year I sit right in front of him in English. He doesn’t even know who I am!! I am humiliated. What should I do? Back to Article

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jamee503 wrote:
2012-11-10 06:29:04 -0800

hey what you doin

bellalavita wrote:
2012-11-09 20:57:20 -0800

My crush has an identical twin. My friends ask me what the difference is between them? But there is a difference... the one i like it cuter and sweeter, but sees me as invisible as much as his twin does. There is a skating rink where i live and him and i have gone couple skating together 3 times! Im keeping track... -.- anyways i know he doesnt like me but all i can say is when youre rejected by a guy, start crushig on celebrity guys to hide your sadness in front of him.

DarkSparking wrote:
2012-11-09 18:59:08 -0800

I have a crush and he is two years younger than me so we dont really see each other in school much but on the bus and we have a lot of lunches together.... but this doesnt change the fact that he doesnt even know there is a girl in our school that if falling apart for him... ♥

-ParisCityOfLights. wrote:
2012-11-09 15:37:01 -0800

Speak up. c:

IceCreamz wrote:
2012-11-08 10:51:47 -0800

I have a crush on a boy but he everyone doesn't like him. Well, he has friends. Hes on my bus...

wondergirl13 wrote:
2012-11-08 07:44:25 -0800

I've had a crush we were awesome at school and played basketball together I never knew I liked him like that until he told me to keep a secret he likes the new girl the next year he totally changed he treated me bad in front of his friends and like when no one looking he's nice to me all I know is he is a player and he was just playing around wit me but.what ever I guess. He just wasn't the one.his loss I'm single and FREE but secretly looking. smile

cds2010cds wrote:
2012-11-07 16:19:11 -0800

I know how you feel. i want my crush to no me, but i think he likes someone else. Frown

Clueless1012 wrote:
2012-11-07 09:13:46 -0800

I have a crush on a guy and he's one of my best friends. Trust me, it's worse when he knows you. He knows everything about me, but doesn't feel the same way, which sucks. I can't tell him how I really feel, either, because that will ruin our friendship. Trust me, it's better he doesn't know you.

unicorns101:) wrote:
2012-11-06 20:03:16 -0800

i had a crush on a guy and secretly he had a crush on me 2. We ignored each other until my bff told him. Now hes mah bf

slickgirl wrote:
2012-11-06 20:02:57 -0800

This is my bestie and her crush codyrhodes she met him a few times but he like way older and he doesn't really talk to her uncle is bret the hitman hart

nerdymammacita wrote:
2012-11-06 18:36:57 -0800

i fell the same way u do but my crush knows me the only thing i suggest u do is be friends with his friends and before i knew it he was like my best friend so dnt worry jus let it flow good luck smile

sweetcici15 wrote:
2012-11-05 17:34:04 -0800

god yeah so he most likely hates so hate back jk lol haha i love boys (some) not all smile

sweetcici15 wrote:
2012-11-05 17:32:47 -0800

um well my crush only talk to at church most of the time he talks to me some times at school and i think he just cause we r in the house of

sweetcici15 wrote:
2012-11-05 17:30:59 -0800

eahhh sexy lady smile ganganam style Big Grin

234roxy wrote:
2012-11-05 10:16:27 -0800


234roxy wrote:
2012-11-05 10:15:58 -0800


jeradae_cute_boo wrote:
2012-11-04 07:38:56 -0800

i have a crush but its been 5 years i liked him sometimes he will talk to me or i will talk to him but he has a girlfriend and when i look at him he looks so cute and sometimes i see him looking at me once in a while so i don't want to let him go until i ask him out and he says yes to me i love him so much

nicolemarie wrote:
2012-11-04 04:31:52 -0800

i have a crush...

nicolemarie wrote:
2012-11-04 04:31:04 -0800

oh ya well boys suck

kagaya wrote:
2012-11-04 04:20:02 -0800

i never had a crush yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Should You Make A Move On Your Crush?

  • YES: If you don't it may not ever happen!
  • No: If it's meant to be you won't have to do anything to make it happen
  • Maybe: It depends on how sure you are your crush likes you back
  • Dunno: I've never had a crush on anyone before

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