Halo 4, Skylanders Giants, and Pokedex 3D Pro!

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quaqua savage
quaqua savage wrote:
2013-01-05 15:46:25 -0800

halo go hardd foreall i got evry halo andd call of duty

gecko30741 wrote:
2012-11-29 16:05:05 -0800

who likes halo anyway?

kkssuper wrote:
2012-11-11 14:28:16 -0800

Ya it does

fre3d wrote:
2012-11-09 16:47:46 -0800


Spyro12 wrote:
2012-11-06 21:09:38 -0800

Halo is the BEST.

report wrote:
2012-11-06 06:07:47 -0800

Halo Rocks!!

Haloman125 wrote:
2012-11-05 18:38:16 -0800

Go halo 4 ;D

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Which Pokemon is This? Guess!

  • It's Glaceon.
  • That's Dialga.
  • I think it's Empoleon.
  • That's Prinplup.

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