Injuries in the NFL

If there is one sport where the athletes truly deserve the millions of dollars they are paid, it’s football. It’s by far the most dangerous and sometimes the results aren’t even worth the money. Back to Article

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kupetfan101 wrote:
2012-11-13 10:13:22 -0800

that i ssoo true and anyone can do football all u do is throw, catch,tackle and run...............but in gymnastics not everyone can do a bridge, not everyone can do a round and these r only the basics wait until u start seeing people do full-ins most of u people dont even know wat that is, so ya, thats all for me

Panda rocks24
Panda rocks24 wrote:
2012-11-13 10:08:36 -0800

Yo can to get hurt just as badly from getting hit by a linebacker, if you fall off bars and hit the metal part of the bar, you could break your head, Arms, Legs, Back, even every bone in your body, then die.SOOOOO yea,..

young-quay123 wrote:
2012-11-12 17:29:47 -0800

i play football 4 my school i play linebacker

Ccjg wrote:
2012-11-11 15:36:19 -0800

gymnastics is not a sport you can be hurt in as badly as a hit from a linebacker

kupetfan101 wrote:
2012-11-11 09:13:01 -0800

i do gymnastics and u can get hurt easily wen u do that too, ya know...

Ccjg wrote:
2012-11-11 04:45:30 -0800

I know right

Dnice4300 wrote:
2012-11-09 10:39:10 -0800

hey NFL we are men and thats why women don't play this sport kuz some of them kant handle this sport...

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