Halo 4: XBox 360 Game Review

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mustachioedbeast wrote:
2012-11-11 15:55:33 -0800

even though I haven't copleted the campaign,
Halo: C.E and Halo 3 were still very awsome.

Loveya1818_2300834 wrote:
2012-11-10 21:57:14 -0800

Love it !!!!

Alexlikestochatwitha wrote:
2012-11-10 16:04:38 -0800

this is so awesome

BeastySophie wrote:
2012-11-10 13:10:12 -0800

WAT CORTANA CAN'T BE DIEING SHES THE BEST (besides Master Chief)!!!!!!! but seems like a great game! Master Cheif will save her i know he will!!

portal300 wrote:
2012-11-10 01:17:47 -0800

"but was left floating through space on a damaged spaceship".

I believe the ship is called Dawn

"Master Chief's AI, Cortana, as she has been active for far too long and is slowly going insane and dying"

Cortana was deteriorating and going through a stage in her life called rampancy.

Some Cons About The Game:

1.) Weapons are overpowered in War games
2.) 8 year olds.. nuff said
3.) The Menu screen's lack detail

DreamChild wrote:
2012-11-09 22:02:23 -0800

I seen preview on it. It's suppose to be a great game

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  • Energy Sword
  • Grenade

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