Winter 2013 Nail Trends

Nail polish is the ultimate accessory -- it's not a haircut, it's not a clothing commitment, it's just a fashion statement for a week or two, or even just a night out. Need a hand decoding what's so hot this winter and what's so last year? Read on! Back to Article

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livelifetothefull27 wrote:
2013-03-03 06:35:25 -0800

I love these but i can do some awesome things with my nails!!! Gonna do red monsters for red nose day...

lil+cutie+nice=me wrote:
2013-01-21 07:24:32 -0800

i thought the essie nial polish was the most popular one this season

sibunann wrote:
2013-01-12 14:47:12 -0800

lol ikr i like the glitter

sibunann wrote:
2013-01-12 14:45:48 -0800

i did mine sparkles check out my picsa dn u will see them

SummerLuver15 wrote:
2012-12-25 11:15:58 -0800

I love painting my nails smile All the time but especially for special occasions

ella4321 wrote:
2012-12-24 08:02:10 -0800

its stuped i would never have those nails like ever they make me feel sick Big Frown

ella4321 wrote:
2012-12-24 07:59:03 -0800

a little? its so halloween related

Paradise_Styles wrote:
2012-12-18 05:08:31 -0800

It's a little bit Halloween related.

Princess_229 wrote:
2012-12-11 19:44:50 -0800


kep7hk wrote:
2012-12-11 19:38:09 -0800

I like the vampire ones.

Buggs B
Buggs B wrote:
2012-12-11 19:35:20 -0800

haha i would never have nails like this

Surfingbabe wrote:
2012-12-03 14:48:45 -0800

Nice nails!

Brandy_Loves_Candy(: wrote:
2012-11-30 18:52:20 -0800

@FearTheDevil: Why Not.?

FearTheDevil_2316101 wrote:
2012-11-30 18:49:11 -0800

Okay, Im not a girl, but, I would never date a girl with these nails

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What's more important, staying warm or staying in fashion?

  • Fashion will keep me warm!
  • I don't care what I look like as long as I'm warm.
  • It's about finding the balance.
  • What's cold? I get sun all year long!

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