Top 5 Holiday Gifts for your Girlfriend

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Put a smile on your girl’s face with these awesome holiday gifts. Back to Article

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Lexifashionadvice wrote:
2012-12-02 08:14:18 -0800

I always get my friends makeup bags with makeup in it. I'll go to Ulta and pick out 5 that match who they are and then put their favorite products in it. I also get them socks or pjs and candy. Its a great gift smile

Buggs B
Buggs B wrote:
2012-12-02 08:10:15 -0800

i want sports gear for chrismas like a the sk8board ive always wanted

-Bleeding Heart-_2172753
-Bleeding Heart-_2172753 wrote:
2012-12-02 08:08:38 -0800

The Best Gift Is Acommenidment And To Share Eachothers Love.
No One Needs That Crap To Know You Care.
More Like Gift 1
A Long Hand Writen Peom.
2 # A Mix Tape With Your Favorite Songs.
3# That Shirt Of Yours She Likes Wearing. .
5 # Lastly Most Important Make A Tredition You Wil Want To Still Be Carring Out In Your 50's

trucker boi
trucker boi wrote:
2012-12-02 08:06:28 -0800

aslomgs as it makes her happy n b happy

Im*Amanda wrote:
2012-12-02 07:10:00 -0800

#1 and #2 xD

WShawn7 wrote:
2012-12-02 06:52:03 -0800

As long as shes happy

who cares about me..
who cares about me.. wrote:
2012-12-01 20:23:52 -0800

I wouldnt want that all i would want is his love thats all i could ask for Love

-G a g e
-G a g e wrote:
2012-12-01 20:10:50 -0800


W o a h.
W o a h. wrote:
2012-12-01 20:09:18 -0800

Tf? PJ's for A Christmas present? Haaaaa!

iSwaggatasticDanae♥ wrote:
2012-12-01 18:08:26 -0800

Sounds Good To Me : )

EmoGuyJosh19 wrote:
2012-12-01 09:43:40 -0800

My Gf Will Love My Gift Big Grin

TbhDie_2256406 wrote:
2012-12-01 08:42:24 -0800

PJ's 5ever.

-Leon- wrote:
2012-12-01 06:51:41 -0800

*Kisses* *Hugs*

-Leon- wrote:
2012-12-01 06:51:21 -0800

I Love My boyfriend, Mujahid♥♥. always & forever♥

autumn323 wrote:
2012-12-01 06:33:56 -0800

perfect smile but i dont have an iphone....or a boyfriend

George Weasley
George Weasley wrote:
2012-11-30 12:47:05 -0800

i guess my girlie might like pajamas idk
she doesn't have an ipod or phone so a case or speakers isn't a great idea
and i doubt she'd want a mani/pedi, she doesn't like that stuff.
i think for christmas i'll just make her cookies.

choochoobaby wrote:
2012-11-30 12:40:59 -0800

wow,these peepz r good!i want ALL of this stuff!lol

kaylena wrote:
2012-11-30 12:17:03 -0800

if i had an iphone this wud be usefull for my b f to get me but i dont and neither does he

Buggs B
Buggs B wrote:
2012-11-30 10:35:07 -0800

anything else im fine with lol

chocomonster wrote:
2012-11-30 10:33:02 -0800

pretty hard considering how im gonna get it for her hmmm ups lol

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  • Trading Spaces Design and Redesign Dollhouse.
  • Furby.
  • I really want an iPod!

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