Dear Dish-it: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

All my life, I’ve associated colors with everything: words, numbers, people, places. I always thought it was normal, like everyone did that. But when I talked to my friends and parents about it, they didn’t understand. Is there something wrong with my brain? Back to Article

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JennyD wrote:
2013-08-16 13:18:56 -0700

color freak

jackrabbit259 wrote:
2013-07-12 20:39:40 -0700

I assosiate Colorswithpeople.

prettycandy1169 wrote:
2013-06-22 06:19:44 -0700

me too i associate colors with letters and days of the week like Tuesday for me is orange.

Pegapony wrote:
2013-06-16 10:51:10 -0700

I associate colours with sound sometimes. Green is soothing sounds and blue is jagged sounds

report wrote:
2013-06-16 10:28:23 -0700

Oops associate

report wrote:
2013-06-16 10:28:03 -0700

Yeah Im like that too , but I also ssociate it with pain

Nevadaiscoolname wrote:
2013-06-12 12:44:30 -0700

I read The Secret series and the whole thing of the series is Synesthesia. Read the series.

isisash121 wrote:
2013-04-13 17:03:04 -0700

I read A mango shaped space the main character
has Synesthesia. also you would like the book
and I have synesthesia too

cutest_gurl_eva wrote:
2013-04-04 19:56:44 -0700

I'm like that too

dogster wrote:
2013-04-01 00:42:59 -0700

I'm also the same: i do it with letters numbers and sounds for example, A is always red, 6 is brown and and a bird song is purple smile

blooface wrote:
2013-03-27 21:08:04 -0700

Read Mango Shaped Space

princessarisha22 wrote:
2013-03-26 01:27:50 -0700

u r unique dear,u r mad-make a difference

everythinggoes wrote:
2013-03-25 23:01:02 -0700

Of course there is nothing wrong with you. It makes you unique. Be unique is awesome.

miss_anonymous wrote:
2013-03-22 23:06:48 -0700

I think I have something similar but I associate colours with textures.

MimaChic wrote:
2013-02-28 10:54:11 -0800

AWWWH! I think of words that are important to
me and i have a picture that goes with it, and its never changed?!!! But i like the idea of thinking of a colour whilst im in maths class smile

MissIndependent587 wrote:
2013-02-08 14:41:42 -0800

Omg! I have synesthesia too!

wreastlingfan619 wrote:
2013-02-08 05:21:34 -0800

. It can range from tasting colors to smelling sounds. Synesthesia can occur between any two senses or perceptual modes. If we take into account only the five basic senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch) and imagine pairings, we already have twenty different types of synesthesia. In reality, there are many more possibilities. Solomon Shereshevsky, a synesthete, reportedly experienced a link between all five of the basic senses. While this is an extreme example, it’s evidence that more th

genni:D wrote:
2013-01-16 17:35:19 -0800

opps i read it wrong.... I SEE THAT TOO! Big Grin omg! smile

genni:D wrote:
2013-01-16 17:33:40 -0800

Big Grin OMG! im like that too! but im proud of it.. People at school call meh skittles Big Grin ! smile I LOVE BEING COLORFUL... gosh, i sound crazy.

Coolswag59 wrote:
2013-01-14 04:03:28 -0800

And NO nothing is wrong with u

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