Dear Dish-it: I Want To Grow Up

I'm a young teen, just finishing puberty, but I really want to be an adult. No one will hire someone my age, so I can't get an after school job. My parents buy a lot of junk food; I want to be able to go to the store on my own and pick out a better diet, but I can't do that either. I also want to move out and get my own place. Is there something wrong with me? Back to Article

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dontjudge me
dontjudge me wrote:
2012-12-28 04:15:57 -0800

U can do anything if you are 18 years old Cool

swag_boii wrote:
2012-12-28 02:59:07 -0800

tht is not ture my sis started at 10 so bop

LoveMe-HateMe234 wrote:
2012-12-27 23:26:14 -0800

you want to grow up?!?!?!? what's wrong with you????? its a trap. i hope you know that

OmgIt'sMaddie wrote:
2012-12-27 21:13:10 -0800

A teenager starts at the age 13

RANSON471 wrote:
2012-12-27 18:57:13 -0800

it really 13 and up for teenagers

pinky78389 wrote:
2012-12-27 18:55:42 -0800

U do no a teenager is 14 and up

kash400 wrote:
2012-12-27 18:04:17 -0800

wish dear wat ever never came along
I don't wanna grow up!
bein a little kid rocks!

knock knock GO AWAY
knock knock GO AWAY wrote:
2012-12-27 18:00:18 -0800

I kinda had to grow up to protect my mom spas ny really a child hood I'm almost a teenager now next year and I wish I could b 4 again b4 I had to start acting older

Never-Shout-Alexa! wrote:
2012-12-27 17:55:08 -0800

I never want too grow up ,, I miss my was taken away from me Frown

Cam:) wrote:
2012-12-27 17:41:54 -0800

I'm eleven and I wish I was 13

sweetjellybean wrote:
2012-12-27 17:31:12 -0800

I'm twelve

R I S S A ;**♥
R I S S A ;**♥ wrote:
2012-12-27 17:26:12 -0800

i Wissh I Was Littlee Againnn
; I Miss Thee PlayGrouund:*

Youtubed wrote:
2012-12-27 17:19:21 -0800

No growing up!!!!!!!

darkueen wrote:
2012-12-27 16:40:07 -0800

u know the saying u dont know what u have till uv lost it well i wish i cauld turn back the hands of time stay out till10 playing man hunt t or d and would u rather with the gratest 16 people iv ever met i miss them they were my sisters and brothers that i didnt know i had till i lost them Frown i miss u guys

Ladygagacrazy wrote:
2012-12-27 15:30:21 -0800

Sometimes I wish I was little again so I can spend time with my family smile

imamanlyman wrote:
2012-12-27 15:27:40 -0800

i want to be 13 to

MicroPixels wrote:
2012-12-27 15:27:31 -0800

Interesting article. I feel the same way sometimes.

Cahlessia wrote:
2012-12-27 15:17:50 -0800

i am mature but i just dont wanna grow up i even wish i can go back to 2 yrs i love my childhood life im gonna be 25 bfor i kno it its scary.!!! then ill be looking back at my childhood life.!!! Frown

-.MaceyLovesYew. wrote:
2012-12-27 15:17:47 -0800

I wish i was 12 again Frustrated

Cam:) wrote:
2012-12-27 15:17:39 -0800

I Want to be 13

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

I know how you feel, except I have two sisters, 6 and 7. I know this sounds weird but, it works with my sisters. When you get the time to talk to your brother you should tell him that it bothers you. If that doesn't work, either tell your parents before he lies again and explain that he wants to get you in trouble or tell your brother you will say lies about things he does if he continues to do that with you. My sisters still tell on me about little things like that but, if I remind them that I will tell on them they will stop. I hope everything will be okay and my advice helped a little.
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I've got a question: How does one get the qualifications one needs in order to get jobs? Like, I just don't get it. Do you like, get the qualifications sent to you to show that you're qualified? It just doesn't make sense to me. Sorry! The best thing to do when trying to get a partner online is to just be yourself. Pretty much, the very same you would do in a real life situation. I'm not very good with relationship advice though, most of my methods would probably more for boys than girls...
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You should ignore her and/ or tell your parents.
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My brother is 5 years old and he constantly tells lies about me, and my parents believe him. Like this morning, he told me off for using a butter knife to cut toast. Small things like that are what drive me crazy. Any advice to at least ignore him? I've told my parents but they don't believe me. They always say that he doesn't know better, or that I never said before.
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Kirsteeeeen posted in Style:
It really depends on the day.
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