Dear Dish-it: Does He Love Me?

Boyfriend-Drama asks: My boyfriend and I have been going out for 2 and a half months now, but he still hasn’t told me he loves me. Is there a problem with our relationship? Is he too afraid to admit his true feelings to me because he’s scared of how I feel about him? Back to Article

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JBlovers101_2360670 wrote:
2013-01-11 20:39:33 -0800

HAHA young love. i remember my first in grede 7. man i didnt really understand love and 1 month later he broke up with me for my BFF. man was i heart broken. Punk

SoleilDeMinuitღ wrote:
2013-01-10 14:24:48 -0800

It's only been two months, so don't be worried about it.

sidelinegirl wrote:
2013-01-10 12:58:04 -0800

i know it took my boyfriend 2 years for him to say he love me don't worry he will come around

royaltyrulz wrote:
2013-01-08 17:00:50 -0800

:-I *blank stare at convo*

-.Mickeyy wrote:
2013-01-07 17:48:11 -0800

oh epiphany xD
ew amanda xD
hallie calm it (;

;anchor. wrote:
2013-01-07 17:46:37 -0800

amanda fight me (;

;amandamarie.- wrote:
2013-01-07 17:46:00 -0800

hallie, bite me (;

Epiphany.- wrote:
2013-01-07 17:45:07 -0800

hallie, you're lame -.- xDD

;anchor. wrote:
2013-01-07 17:44:15 -0800

lmao, you guys are lame xD

-.Mickeyy wrote:
2013-01-07 17:42:56 -0800

lol, amanda. xD BOO

;amandamarie.- wrote:
2013-01-07 17:41:59 -0800

ewww xD

Yuki1No1Oji_2352193 wrote:
2013-01-07 13:14:16 -0800

Yah he loves yuh. I can tell cuz its been 2yrs. If he didnt like yuh he wouldnt have put up wih yuh 4dat long. If am wrong then am wrong.

alyssia7710 wrote:
2013-01-06 12:41:42 -0800

i dont know

shelbsters123 wrote:
2013-01-05 14:58:45 -0800

If you have been dating for 21/2 months, and he has signs that he is pleased, then I think your relatsionsip should last.

But if he shows signs of unentertainment, I think you should wait a couple of weeks, and if he acts the same way, then it is time to go your seperate ways.

MicroPixels wrote:
2013-01-04 21:03:08 -0800

Ignore what Dish-It said. If after 2 months he hasn't said he loves you, he probably doesn't.

Sahil98 wrote:
2013-01-04 20:59:51 -0800

No hes not he just dont know dependin yall might be to youyoung for love dont get mad dont pressure him protect ur heart keep ur heart out of it cuz if it aint right thats the first thing tho get hurt so just be careful everyone has heartbreak tho u aint alone smile stay positive tho everyone
has someone

i luv sports!
i luv sports! wrote:
2013-01-04 17:28:53 -0800

if you cant handle me at my worst, you sure as hell dont deserve me at my best

halibali_1934088 wrote:
2013-01-04 07:55:16 -0800

first off dont ever say i love you first because if he loves you he will say it not you. If you do say it he will take advantage of it and use you. thats what i have learned from. Angel

vkfan101 wrote:
2013-01-04 06:43:51 -0800

I'm not aloud to have a boyfriend but in my class my crush is Deron Milewski and on kidzworld I never met him but JoeySports

sallyrose51 wrote:
2013-01-03 17:17:24 -0800

boyfreinds i got 1 but i moved away so i got a knew 1 and he was not nice i broke up with him but some how he forced me to be his girlfriend but i finally moved away so girls out there ...........ere.......... wait till ya a teen before u get a boy

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