Fashion Trend: Spikey Shoes

Part punk revival, part Harajuku fusion, studded or spiked shoes are fashion’s newest edition and whether you like a ballet flat or a towering heel, even if you’re a loafer fan, spikes are poking through across the world of shoes. Back to Article

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saranda90 wrote:
2013-01-16 14:25:28 -0800

i dont like it

mzswagger2000 wrote:
2013-01-16 13:26:13 -0800

they're ok but not all dat

aroub wrote:
2013-01-16 10:17:29 -0800

The shoes are really cool!!Big Grin

9bella wrote:
2013-01-16 10:06:12 -0800

these are not that pretty the make you look like a porkie pine

Nimsajeay wrote:
2013-01-16 09:42:53 -0800

Those don't look too appealing to me.

Epicgal wrote:
2013-01-16 09:25:23 -0800

Whoever wears these they must be ugly,stupid and fat! LOL Big Grin

Blossom2008 wrote:
2013-01-16 09:19:26 -0800

no you must be ugly

si-ficoolkid wrote:
2013-01-16 06:01:16 -0800

soooooo ugly!

lilmiss kayla 101
lilmiss kayla 101 wrote:
2013-01-16 05:45:48 -0800

Those are wired but I like them

sibunann wrote:
2013-01-16 05:43:49 -0800

I saw spiky shoes first on cymphonique miller OMG they were so cool she has some really cool shoes do an article on her shoes

lolaa1D wrote:
2013-01-16 04:22:25 -0800

soooooo cute

Leedan wrote:
2013-01-16 01:22:10 -0800

quite a trend! they are cool(i wouldnt agree with all)in a weird way but i also prefer short spikes

kstanz wrote:
2013-01-16 01:18:21 -0800


UltraCuteGirl_2356913 wrote:
2013-01-16 00:00:16 -0800

So Cute Lol

fabiana wrote:
2013-01-15 20:44:08 -0800

some of them look okay!! I would wear ones with only a short spikes!! they do look cool!

pumkinjuice wrote:
2013-01-15 20:11:08 -0800

spikes are like the new fashion thing

Keep_Calm_And_Love_Me_2346928 wrote:
2013-01-15 18:52:54 -0800

I love these shoes there too cute

Vampire Poison
Vampire Poison wrote:
2013-01-15 18:51:17 -0800

OMG!!! there's this girl in my school who owns one of the silver spiky backpacks!!! It looks so weird because she's in HS!!!

kep7hk wrote:
2013-01-15 18:50:38 -0800

The backpacks look like there going to take someones eye out!! OR KILL SOMEONE!!

Adamiscrazy_2363814 wrote:
2013-01-15 18:48:30 -0800


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What Type of Shoes Do You Wear Most?

  • I will always wear my flats. I can't help it, they're comfy and cute!
  • My boots! No question! Boots! They got sturdy power and beauty.
  • High heels because heels will always be drop dead gorgeous!
  • If I can't go barefoot, I go for flip flops. I hate shoes!

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