Dear Dish-it: Is My Boyfriend Too Controlling?

Controlled asks: My boyfriend won't let me walk to lunch with my friends or dance with other guys at school dances, and I'm not even a flirt. Is this normal? Or is he too controlling? Back to Article

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taytaypeace wrote:
2014-01-16 20:01:12 -0800

leave him

doggirl123 wrote:
2014-01-02 15:57:59 -0800

u should break up

XxCryXx wrote:
2014-01-02 15:23:24 -0800

If a boyfriend controls you to do stuff that you dont wanna do then tell him but if that doesnt work...-pulls out a knife- You make him stop....

Keekeow wrote:
2014-01-02 15:18:26 -0800

to shushu21 : YOU GO GIRL

vinyl wrote:
2014-01-02 15:01:11 -0800

either break up with him or ask him why

darkenergy_2614177 wrote:
2014-01-02 10:04:52 -0800

If you let him treat you like that then he'll think it's acceptable behaviour and so will his friends. Check out and don't look back.

bluemusic wrote:
2013-12-29 21:09:34 -0800

he is too controlling before u know it u wont even be able to talk to ur teacher or princalple so break up time sister

kileystar247 wrote:
2013-12-16 11:57:04 -0800

To controlling

shushu21 wrote:
2013-11-27 16:13:28 -0800

yes he is to controlllive and end up killing u break up with him 3 reasons why 1.he a crazy as heck 2. he is taking advantage of you he can tell you who to befriends whith or not that is silly he cant tell you what to do who he think he is telling you who to hang with and he should only worrie about your feelings and his love for u he should sit his ass down and shut his mouth with his judigy self

Maybbee wrote:
2013-11-17 00:06:09 -0800

too controlling

hipeople113 wrote:
2013-10-22 16:10:43 -0700

my boyfriend is the same way

Nay_Nay_Girl wrote:
2013-09-19 14:57:25 -0700

You should at least be able to walk with your friends

VanillaBerry wrote:
2013-09-01 19:02:57 -0700

Don't let him do that to u!!!! you are ur own person... If he continues... tell someone u really trust and see wht there advice is

hydia 5456
hydia 5456 wrote:
2013-08-16 17:39:57 -0700

If it continues do a dramatic break up.

GreenJoker109 wrote:
2013-07-31 18:07:12 -0700

I think if you wanna be happy break up with him but if he makes you happy then tell him that he is to controlling and if that doesn't work you have to break his heart.

vetteeee wrote:
2013-07-30 17:55:26 -0700

2 controlling tottally you should tell him but if continues dump him yo
Haha did you read how I talked hilarious

poppingbubbles wrote:
2013-07-09 20:27:59 -0700

controlling tell him and it continues dump him

mrz.aquarius wrote:
2013-07-09 15:37:57 -0700

he is tooo contornling

lilemochick9 wrote:
2013-07-09 15:34:15 -0700

just find someone else. if he controls u that means he doesnt recognized what a good person u are, and hes not the right one. i know it may be hard to move on but trust me he's not the right one, but u will find the right one

lod2223 wrote:
2013-06-24 09:17:46 -0700

Find somebody new

If your sad about your boyfriend controlling then maybe you should find someone else to love ya know I used to control my gf and she broke up with me Sad but I'm over her now I've gotta girl named tawni sewell and I'm proud of it I love her I ain't controlling I didn't love the other girl I just wanted a gf and she was the only one I know would accept and she did drugs too plus she drank and smoked I wanted to get rid of her but I coulden't say that we should

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What would be your biggest turnoff in a boyfriend?

  • He does drugs.
  • He picks his nose.
  • He gets jealous when I talk to other guys.
  • He lies to me.

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You really like this guy :p Hmm... my guess is that he does, in fact, like you -props to you chica! (: However, I can not be positive. From what I can see, you really have two options here (okay, I suppose there are more...): 1. You can wait. If he does like you, he'll let you know eventually. From your description it seems that he might be a little shy when it comes to such feelings.I could be wrong...- but if he truly does, he'll be able to overcome that. Note: A friend's looking at you they'll probably continue to do so after you've turned to look at them. Guys who like you often turn away or make funny faces (friends make faces as well). It  really depends on their personality.    2. Talk to him. It'd probably be hard, but  (ehhh... I'll have to continue later...) 
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my mum always is crying qnd she thinks that whatever she does is not good enough for us :(
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He is younger.
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