Dear Dish-it: How Do I Gain Self Confidence?

Pushover asks: I’ve been nice to people all my life and all they’ve done is take advantage of me. Some have broken my heart. I’m tired of living with low self-esteem and playing the victim all my life. How can I gain self confidence? Back to Article

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krokodilas_1979417 wrote:
2013-01-27 08:53:18 -0800

I think this topic is very interesting but it would be nice to find more advices

HeavenBlueRose wrote:
2013-01-26 17:57:23 -0800


hero552 wrote:
2013-01-26 16:15:32 -0800

confidence is not something you gain its something you always have

AlexandriteLove wrote:
2013-01-26 14:29:11 -0800

Well i still dont get it

00rinny wrote:
2013-01-26 06:23:43 -0800

that really just described my life up there!

Silver Light
Silver Light wrote:
2013-01-25 11:23:38 -0800

well...i think u should not get pushy.when ur sister says fold up the blanket along with a dirty look just say should i leave

SideOfPReach wrote:
2013-01-25 09:54:52 -0800

I have confidence MYSELF!

lilkaty wrote:
2013-01-25 00:19:10 -0800

everybody can gain self confidence by trusting them selves and by not trusting every body fast and yeah always try to do something that is advised good!!! smile

xX*NinjaBubblez*Xx wrote:
2013-01-24 21:14:33 -0800

Something I really need... I have zero self esteem/ confidence. I call myself far, ugly, stupid, etc...

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How Self-Confident Are You?

  • I love myself, totally!
  • I am down with me, but there's always room for improvement.
  • So what if I don't fit in? Uniqueness is where it's at, baby!
  • I'd give anything to be someone else.

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Ashleexo posted in Family Issues:
"Bloodybear" wrote: :annoyed This is stupid. unsafe people can do nothing on the internet. I told dad and he KNEW mum checking the history. I'm 12, not a baby need to be protected. now i can do noting to change her invading my privacy. I rather to talk with my fd on phone.  I hate to tell you but you are still 12 and not even a teen yet. I was 13 before I was allowed to keep my own laptop in my room. I have many friends who are 13 and 14 that their parents check what they do. You are going to have to live with it until they feel you can be safe on your own.
reply about 1 hour
Jelly3 posted in Style:
reply about 6 hours
CandyDreamer posted in Style:
50/50 idk im sorry
reply about 6 hours
cute_amy18 posted in Style:
Kind of a mixture  :)
reply about 6 hours
jdawg47 posted in Style:
It doesn't effect me,  really. I mean come on, people should have some freedom in what they wear. Clothing is used as a way to express oneself. Without any words being spoken.
reply about 7 hours