Dear Dish-it: I Think I'm A Vampire

Cullen Kid asks: I know this sounds weird, but I seriously think I'm a vampire. I can't sleep at night, my eyes are sensitive to the sun, and most of all I love the taste of blood. I've found websites with groups of real vampires, and one woman has agreed t Back to Article

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samababe wrote:
2013-02-26 08:09:40 -0800

i think i may be a vampire but i dont react to silver, garlic, crucifixes, holy water and sunlight and i dont turn into a bat and i dont like the taste of blood

Lollipop@03 wrote:
2013-02-26 07:23:12 -0800

You all crazy if you think that vampires are real because they aren't REAL...OKAY?

wonderland-v.s-reality wrote:
2013-02-26 05:37:04 -0800

Im sorry but I do believe in Vampires. I think they are real. Just because in fiction they say they arent doesnt mean they arent.

maxy222 wrote:
2013-02-26 00:34:50 -0800

actually this article make me to laugh loud hehehe very cool article

marcelinethevampire wrote:
2013-02-26 00:30:54 -0800

y'all never know my identity.. Vampire

CintaBear wrote:
2013-02-26 00:12:26 -0800

Vampires are a myth
they r not real

maxy222 wrote:
2013-02-26 00:06:04 -0800

hehe thats cool but i dont believe it cuz there is no vampire or monsters or something like this

davonte2000 wrote:
2013-02-25 17:27:43 -0800

all of ya'll are crazy!

rhonick wrote:
2013-02-25 15:37:28 -0800

I'm glad I there are some more vamps I thought I was the last of my kind

shawdow girl_2287788
shawdow girl_2287788 wrote:
2013-02-25 11:06:18 -0800

i cant turn to a batbut love every thing bout me and i have pointy teeth to

shawdow girl_2287788
shawdow girl_2287788 wrote:
2013-02-25 11:06:11 -0800

i cant turn to a batbut love every thing bout me and i have pointy teeth to

misscabot wrote:
2013-02-25 09:29:18 -0800

I am a vampire! I mean it! :B. I even have pointy teeth

ashezStandByMe;3 wrote:
2013-02-25 05:04:15 -0800


so yeah
so yeah wrote:
2013-02-25 04:55:32 -0800

@nevershoutKATE & @sami2323 - if you're a vampire, you can turn into a bat and i am like 99.99% sure you can't do that. my point is, you ain't no vampire.

sami2323 wrote:
2013-02-25 03:52:26 -0800

i`ve been a vampire all my lifeand my sister is too

NevershoutKATE wrote:
2013-02-24 20:27:11 -0800

I'm a vampire ill change ya once u get to know me and if I like u

Bubba 11!
Bubba 11! wrote:
2013-02-24 19:31:06 -0800

What the heck? I don't think vampiers are real

Bubba 11!
Bubba 11! wrote:
2013-02-24 19:30:35 -0800

What the heck? I don't think vampiers

Red_Rain wrote:
2013-02-24 19:25:28 -0800

Vampires are real I know because I know.....lmaoo xD

im half black
im half black wrote:
2013-02-24 19:19:31 -0800

im a half black vampire

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