Dear Dish-it: I Think I'm A Vampire

Cullen Kid asks: I know this sounds weird, but I seriously think I'm a vampire. I can't sleep at night, my eyes are sensitive to the sun, and most of all I love the taste of blood. I've found websites with groups of real vampires, and one woman has agreed t Back to Article

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I love English!
I love English! wrote:
2013-02-23 00:20:06 -0800

Haha....Vampire doesn't exist, huh?

Swag master101
Swag master101 wrote:
2013-02-22 21:27:34 -0800

Lol i used to think that my friend was a werewolf and i was a vampire because i could run fast,I used to stay up all night and all day most times without getting tired,and whenever i got a cut id suck the blood out of it (EWW) and ma friend used to Have REALLY good hearing and would start biting peole Lol

Christette wrote:
2013-02-22 21:14:31 -0800

Your Not A Vampire


Betzy123 wrote:
2013-02-22 20:37:35 -0800

Hehe... Imma vampire :P Imma bite yooh

kerilover123 wrote:
2013-02-22 20:07:20 -0800

that sounds cool but vamps are not real it would be cool if i were a vamp

jjdiva wrote:
2013-02-22 19:23:58 -0800

vamps are fiction but it would be cool to be one

freakshow101 wrote:
2013-02-22 17:44:03 -0800

vamps r real my friend is one

punksa wrote:
2013-02-22 17:19:51 -0800

it would be kinda cool to be a vampire...

fosterthepeoplegirl wrote:
2013-02-22 17:01:07 -0800

LOL vampires don't exist at all i mean some fiction

MissIndependent587 wrote:
2013-02-22 16:55:28 -0800

Ease up on the vampire stuff.

acvc14 wrote:
2013-02-22 16:46:56 -0800

You are watching to much Vampire Diaries

BowToTheRoyalty(ME) wrote:
2013-02-22 16:45:09 -0800

Im a vampire!!!! So yes you probably are. I have 9 of the traits.

parad0x- wrote:
2013-02-22 15:48:16 -0800

i can't even stand this.
this is hilarious.
you should get checked out.
too much twilight jay-zus.

so yeah
so yeah wrote:
2013-02-22 15:21:59 -0800

sometimes i think i'm a vampire..
no i don't. that's beyond stupid.

Jaceyyy. wrote:
2013-02-22 15:18:18 -0800

Omg im a stupid

noordinarygirl wrote:
2013-02-22 14:53:03 -0800

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at how stupid this is.

catsrcute9 wrote:
2013-02-22 14:38:17 -0800

if you have the fang symptom this there is a thing where you do get fangs,paleness,and sensitive to the sun

corilove143 wrote:
2013-02-22 14:26:27 -0800

LOL i have those moments. And iron tastes good.

brandonswagg wrote:
2013-02-22 14:16:27 -0800

worse traits ever those r fake

ghostbuster123 wrote:
2013-02-22 12:59:10 -0800

i cant come out in the day i really am the culllen kid i am a vamp

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