Dear Dish-it: I Hate the Way I Look

Overweight asks: I'm only 11-years-old and I weigh 155 pounds. I know I'm fat, but I want to lose weight and get a boyfriend. Can you help me? Back to Article

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Angelina805 wrote:
2013-11-03 07:31:03 -0800

Not helping Worried

moneymaker500 wrote:
2013-11-02 22:11:01 -0700

because there pretty all guys do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blueraven13 wrote:
2013-11-02 21:43:21 -0700

i always act weird in front of pretty girls, and i don't really care about them

blueraven13 wrote:
2013-11-02 21:37:49 -0700

i don't really care about my weight

morgan :) o.o
morgan :) o.o wrote:
2013-11-02 21:27:55 -0700

i have gotten to the point where i just dont care o-o

Loving_You_Madly wrote:
2013-11-02 21:27:03 -0700

You don't need to loose weight.. Your beautiful just the way you are smile and don't worry you will find a guy that perfect for you and that doesn't care about your weight looks or size

ari4nna wrote:
2013-11-02 20:48:48 -0700

I used to be way overweight. But now I've lost weight, gladly. So now I'm happy with my weight.

AlphaT wrote:
2013-11-02 20:41:22 -0700

Im WAY overweight, and I love it. A BMI shows I should not be able to walk, but my weight is due to my muscles.

Wildrose101 wrote:
2013-11-02 20:39:26 -0700

the doc. said I WAS OVER WEIGHT!!!!! I don't think I am...............

animefreakXD wrote:
2013-11-02 20:30:39 -0700

Everyone was made in God's image, meaning you're not ugly. Nobody will be or look perfect. You're awesome no matter what and keep that in mind.

Iamlegend013 wrote:
2013-11-02 20:29:58 -0700

Overweight, you are not fat, so don't say that about yourself. You are just a little overweight, no big deal. Guys will want to be your boyfriend just the way you are now. If they can't see you for who you truly are, then they are simply not good enough for you. Never forget that.

Iamlegend013 wrote:
2013-11-02 20:26:01 -0700

Kay, stop saying that you are ugly! You are not! YOu are so beautiful, and I am serious. I love you so much, just the way you are...which is totally gorgeous!

XxCryXx wrote:
2013-11-02 20:17:39 -0700

I am ugly, inside and out but, dont change your body just because of a boy, be you.

brunostar wrote:
2013-11-02 20:17:16 -0700

everyone is beautiful. SHUP

waleo15 wrote:
2013-11-02 20:14:01 -0700

i feel ugly and i know im ugly so i just eat taco bell and everything is all better

absluvs1d12 wrote:
2013-11-02 18:43:13 -0700


sasukeslife1 wrote:
2013-11-02 16:47:57 -0700

Hey now, I'm not going to sit here and waste my time telling you you're pretty if you're not. I value my time x)

XX_PrettyGurlSwag_XX wrote:
2013-11-02 16:46:54 -0700

Don't Doubt Youself Your Gawjuss no lie .
I Speak the Truth .

girlplz1 wrote:
2013-11-02 16:44:29 -0700

ikr thx but i am not

XX_PrettyGurlSwag_XX wrote:
2013-11-02 16:43:04 -0700

I'm Like In Between I Guess .
nvm .
Shoot I'm Gorgeous lol .
Besides everybodys pretty in a uniques way .

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Best Way to Lose Weight?

  • Eat more fruits and veggies, even though I hate them.
  • Swear off junk food.
  • Exercise three times a week.
  • Stick to a healthy diet - and follow it!

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