Dear Dish-it: Boyfriend vs Cuter Guy

Love Triangle asks: A boy asked me out, but I'm already going out with someone else. The new boy is cuter than my boyfriend, but if I say yes to the cuter one, I'd be cheating. My current boyfriend has anger issues so I have no clue how to tell him that it's over. Please help me! Back to Article

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XxCryXx wrote:
2014-02-10 18:41:37 -0800


dadette230 wrote:
2014-01-25 13:18:39 -0800

that is a great solution i bet u r good at realships

mickeymouse223 wrote:
2013-12-18 09:47:02 -0800

They don't ruin my studies I am actually getting start A's because of my boyfriend

disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-12-18 07:37:02 -0800

i was never into boys and never will be. they ruin your studies

mickeymouse223 wrote:
2013-12-18 07:34:15 -0800

Boyfriends are amazing (: I have on and I love him sooo much Love

InternetOwl wrote:
2013-12-18 06:58:50 -0800

Honestly if you were actually happy with a boyfriend in the first place you wouldn't dump him just because another guy is cuter. :\

disney princess
disney princess wrote:
2013-12-18 04:58:15 -0800

boyfriends are yucky :P

Nerdalox wrote:
2013-12-18 04:53:58 -0800

I wouldn't even be in this problem. I'm done with boys. :I

natnappena19 wrote:
2013-11-19 16:04:20 -0800

Why are you here,love?

shonieboo wrote:
2013-11-19 16:04:03 -0800

just go out with the one you like the most nt the one that is cuter

-KingdomHearts- wrote:
2013-11-19 16:00:41 -0800

Why am I here? o-o

girlplz1 wrote:
2013-11-19 15:59:54 -0800

and i woulkdnt notice anyone but him....

girlplz1 wrote:
2013-11-19 15:59:31 -0800

i would like one guy at atime...he would be ny world

girlplz1 wrote:
2013-11-19 15:58:59 -0800

Man thats nit right...

ZyMesha wrote:
2013-10-30 03:54:38 -0700

I i get into problems lkke this all the time just do what i do i keep the bf nd let him meet the dude they become friends nd if he has enugh respect to ur bf or u he will just be friend

Pinkywinky120 wrote:
2013-10-23 08:56:25 -0700

only one here

lonely_kids wrote:
2013-10-23 05:57:47 -0700

triagle lovveee ???? nope, one boy friend is enough for me...

hipeople113 wrote:
2013-10-23 05:22:08 -0700

i have a cute friend and a boyfreind

xPrincessPikachux wrote:
2013-07-24 09:08:23 -0700

@ 'E' The Great
Trolls =.='

'E' The Great
'E' The Great wrote:
2013-07-24 04:52:08 -0700

Who does that!

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Best Way to Break Up With Someone?

  • Tell them face to face.
  • Get a friend to do it for you.
  • Send them an email or text message them.
  • Just ignore them. They'll get the message.

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Thanks for the support!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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It's not wrong, it's not right, it's up to an individual tbh. If you're gay, and others have a problem, then it's them that need to change, not you. Don't give in to peer pressure, do what feels right for you
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