Dear Dish-it: Boyfriend vs Cuter Guy

Love Triangle asks: A boy asked me out, but I'm already going out with someone else. The new boy is cuter than my boyfriend, but if I say yes to the cuter one, I'd be cheating. My current boyfriend has anger issues so I have no clue how to tell him that it's over. Please help me! Back to Article

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Gawgusss Ashley
Gawgusss Ashley wrote:
2013-04-10 19:52:00 -0700

Nahhh sis ! They all wrong. My Austin is the better
choice obviously ♥

Tyonnia Styles_2417899
Tyonnia Styles_2417899 wrote:
2013-04-10 19:35:57 -0700

My vote is the cuter guy!
#Harry Styes

swaggcutie wrote:
2013-04-10 18:17:37 -0700

How about I solve that wanna date me

swaggcutie wrote:
2013-04-10 18:14:50 -0700

Go with the cuter one he's better u could be happier and stuff plus he could be nicer forget the dish it I've went through it to believe me

fluttershy77 wrote:
2013-04-10 17:50:25 -0700

yah i agree with dish it and link! how nice is the cuter one?? Love

fluttershy77 wrote:
2013-04-10 17:50:15 -0700

yah i agree with dish it and link! how nice is the cuter one?? Love

coolcat17027 wrote:
2013-04-10 11:41:23 -0700

i would go with my boyfriend

darklight09 wrote:
2013-04-09 12:05:03 -0700

This only happened to me 3 times

linksmega_2440260 wrote:
2013-04-09 07:43:20 -0700

This is all about love, if you lose your bf at your first exam of your life, you would be looser again and again for rest of your life. Even rich celebs have everything in their life, but don't have a good person to love. Do good have good. If you are cute seeker you would always be a cute seeker and never find a good person.Every boy/girl has positive and negative aspect of their life. Try to take a hard decision and be stable with that.

Makayla114 wrote:
2013-04-09 03:16:22 -0700

You Boyfriend. He is your boyfriend and you should be loyal. This new guy your only baseing him on looks, personality not looks is how you rate boys. And truly your not being a vary good person.

So.I.Have.A.Twin! :)
So.I.Have.A.Twin! :) wrote:
2013-04-08 20:50:37 -0700

Stay with your bf

onedirection3 wrote:
2013-04-08 20:47:40 -0700

brake up with your boyfriend

BritBrat1105 wrote:
2013-04-08 20:32:40 -0700

boyfriend., but if your seriously in love with the cuter guy., Which on can supply to your needs.? Think about it

1999baby wrote:
2013-04-08 19:20:15 -0700

Hell no
That just cheating

1999baby wrote:
2013-04-08 19:19:38 -0700


1999baby wrote:
2013-04-08 19:19:11 -0700

My opinion is if u like the cuter guy break up with your boyfriend and don't break up with him just because for the cute guy.just because there cute they also have to be a friend funny romantic .

1999baby wrote:
2013-04-08 19:16:08 -0700

That not always true

BabyyTinyy_rk wrote:
2013-04-08 19:09:55 -0700

Your boyfriend.
Just because the other guy might be cute and all .
Your bf is always going to be there for you

im so cool :)
im so cool :) wrote:
2013-04-08 18:00:48 -0700

it depends on who treats you better smile

Angelface45 wrote:
2013-04-08 17:52:11 -0700

yup the boyfriend

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Best Way to Break Up With Someone?

  • Tell them face to face.
  • Get a friend to do it for you.
  • Send them an email or text message them.
  • Just ignore them. They'll get the message.

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