DIY At-Home Facial Masks

Whether you're hanging out with nothing to do, having a sleepover with friends or need to refresh your skin and feel great, raid the fridge and pantry and make your own at home facial mask. It's easy to DIY! Back to Article

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i31direction wrote:
2014-07-14 11:07:15 -0700

why not

i31direction wrote:
2014-07-14 11:06:30 -0700

i might use that

cowboysfan101 wrote:
2014-01-20 14:16:18 -0800

wow borning

JennyD wrote:
2013-10-14 17:50:19 -0700

I'm not doing this

Jamanda wrote:
2013-10-13 18:30:46 -0700


colleenaw wrote:
2013-09-05 14:48:33 -0700

Awesome. Doing this for sure.

Santa48 wrote:
2013-08-26 17:45:42 -0700

Im going to do this

jjz98 wrote:
2013-08-24 16:12:58 -0700


Macbarbie09 wrote:
2013-08-06 09:12:54 -0700

I think... No using Knife but use your fingers to peel it off
and use your hands to take off the cucumbers.

lulu_5234 wrote:
2013-08-05 13:42:39 -0700

how can you make it a peel off?

flirtaddict wrote:
2013-05-11 21:12:47 -0700

I love those peel off maskes!

tara000_2393385 wrote:
2013-05-01 18:59:16 -0700

the girls need to run every time

lilmony1234 wrote:
2013-04-20 20:01:06 -0700

this is great i will try all of them i really hope they work..

love1dclub wrote:
2013-04-10 11:03:08 -0700

Thanks!! I will so do this at my sleepover in a couple weeks!!

21inkiepielover wrote:
2013-04-08 14:21:26 -0700

me too.

singingstar25 wrote:
2013-04-08 13:31:58 -0700

I want to do this cause it will help my redness of my pimples on my face

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