Spring Make-Up Tips 2013

It's time to get into the spring of things and inject a new season twist into your make-up routine! This spring it's all about experimenting with bold lips, eyes and hair. So spice up your beauty regimen with our easy tips! Back to Article

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LimeyHiroka wrote:
2013-05-12 16:27:45 -0700

The problem with really bright, neon lip colors is that they can make your teeth look REALLY yellow. Frustrated

LOVEuSOmuch wrote:
2013-05-07 22:52:33 -0700

I love makeup.

kwluver01 wrote:
2013-04-28 15:31:04 -0700

i luv everything about spring

krissycute wrote:
2013-04-21 20:02:06 -0700

I dont wear makeup
but it is cute

[:-Misha-:] wrote:
2013-04-15 04:15:36 -0700

I Love Eye-Liners! [:

Lexieeixel wrote:
2013-04-14 20:14:15 -0700

ikr. the pink goes well with the yellow ^_^ I WANT IT

I'mTHATGuy wrote:
2013-04-14 19:43:15 -0700

I like the nail polish XD lol

Bella-Tori wrote:
2013-04-14 19:08:49 -0700

Hailee is gorgeous! ♥

OBEY_kayy:) wrote:
2013-04-14 19:04:03 -0700

pastel colors and nude colors are good for spring

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Fave Summer Make-Up Product?

  • I can't wait until Jergens Natural Glow hits the shelves again!
  • Turquoise eyeshadow is so retro cool for summer.
  • I love lip glosses that give me a bee-stung look.
  • I can't live without blush and bronzing powder.

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xXlove-bugXx posted in Style:
Ive noticed everyone is trying to be "country" or "redneck" all of sudden. I just dont get it i mean im dating a redneck but the difference is hes a real redneck, hes lived in the country and knows how to ride a horse and fish. But alot of people nowadays are trying to say their country or redneck because they listen to bands like "Florida Georgia line" and i just dont understand it, its not a fashion statement its a lifestyle. What are your opinions on it?
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My parents are about an 8. I put a lot of care and effort into my schoolwork, so they'd only take away my privileges (phone, internet, DS) if I wasn't trying. But, I give it my all, and behave in general, so they're pretty easy. However, I knew this girl in home and careers class last year who got her phone taken away because her grade point average was 3.4 instead of 3.66.
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penguinlover10 posted in Friends:
I have a friend but i feel like she spends more time with another one of my other friends. I think she wants a best friend. Is she really by best friend i mean i have a better BFF anyway.
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Try to see if you can meet them in person again and ask William if he had fun in New York. I'm sure he doesn't hate you, he probably ust didn't have the thie to reply.
reply about 5 hours
sambunny02 posted in Friends:
No problem I'm glad to do it and the advice was great.
reply about 9 hours