Top 5 Hairstyles for Boys

Your hairstyle can make just as much of a statement as your personal style if you want it to! Curly or straight, groomed or au naturale, no matter what your hair type, there's a style out there that is sure to suit you! Back to Article

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-TheUnexpectedGirl- wrote:
2014-01-29 18:48:34 -0800


harrylouiszayn1D wrote:
2014-01-29 18:46:42 -0800


Jennifer24 wrote:
2014-01-29 05:11:35 -0800

Justin Bieber's and Harry Styles

night-gangster wrote:
2014-01-10 23:18:54 -0800

a man with a beard so exsiting yo

I_love_impossible wrote:
2013-12-30 06:27:44 -0800

styles style rules

pretty gurl style
pretty gurl style wrote:
2013-12-27 19:37:27 -0800

Justin Bieber

babbygirl391 wrote:
2013-12-18 09:24:23 -0800

justin bieber

egbert100 wrote:
2013-12-13 12:33:29 -0800


elona123 wrote:
2013-12-10 08:42:28 -0800

Harry Styles have a cool hair

Rainey117 wrote:
2013-12-04 21:40:40 -0800

Lol those hairstyle are wierd

-ForeverBright- wrote:
2013-12-04 20:46:29 -0800

I want a hairstyle like beiber right now lol

MonaliciousBB wrote:
2013-11-10 08:18:25 -0800

Im no belieber but justin's hair's no.1

2013-11-05 22:02:25 -0800

what the heck

Dean_my_love3 wrote:
2013-11-02 20:50:32 -0700

Bleehhh!!!! nonee

YourstrulyAJ wrote:
2013-10-29 03:13:11 -0700

Every guy should walk around with Harry styles hair.

mykity13 wrote:
2013-10-20 12:03:36 -0700

harry styles and zac efron

koolkat44 wrote:
2013-10-19 13:43:36 -0700

sooo hard Justin is hot so is harry styles gotta go with harry

princesslovers wrote:
2013-10-19 13:30:55 -0700


Young_till_infinity wrote:
2013-10-19 11:35:01 -0700

robert looks fatter than usual....

wondergirl13 wrote:
2013-10-19 10:18:39 -0700

robert looks weird

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  • A monster 'fro is the way to go.
  • It's all about the clean shave.
  • Cover it up with a bandana and go play ball!
  • Anything goes except for hairy backs.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

american_brit posted in Friends:
Hi Jaera!      sisihastwobunnies is right. It's perfectly fine for you to have a crush, but you're a little young for a "love life." Don't worry though! Someday, if it's meant to be (Ha ^-^) you'll find the one who's just right for you. Until then, it's great to have good guy friends -and in years to come if one of those friendships develop into something more, then props to you (:  Future advice: You have to understand that feelings aren't always mutual. You may like someone and they'll see you only as a friend -or vice versa.  THIS IS OKAY.  It may hurt, but that's just proof that you'll have to move on. Something better is ahead,  you simply haven't gotten there yet (: Having patience can be hard, but it's worth it. Good luck! -And I hoped this helped!                                    Wishing you the best,                                             american_brit ^-^
reply 19 minutes
hugebear posted in Family Issues:
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reply about 2 hours
I went to own a pony day but I got the start of a short illness and I was scared and it was dirty and smelly and I felt low in the class but I was oldest on the biggest horse and now I feel really nervous about going tomorrow for a proper riding day. I think it's 8 hours 15 minutes! That's like, school with no break or lunch and four extra lessons! I acted excited cause I got rosettes and lollies and mum took me out for jodpurs and boots but now I feel a bit sick and tight and wobbly even though it was fun on wednesday and I have 3 sort of friends there already and the horse I rode, Bob, was great! Mum's in Wales and having a nice time so I don't want to dull her and I talked to Dad but he said 'don't worry I don't know what mum will think sorry'. I don't want to say no or quit later on cause: I'll feel bad to Bob The stables is just up the road so when I see the owner (who's real nice to me) or the instructor (who's at my school) I'll feel bad for saying no I don't want to join you I feel like mum will be disappointed cause she used to adore riding and had 2 horses and a pony I always begged to ride since I was 3 and so it's been over a decade! It costs cash. Cash, cash, cash. From mum and dad's pockets. Cash.  
reply about 2 hours
american_brit posted in Friends:
"noordinarygirl" wrote: Have you ever heard the saying, "Life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself"? You already have traits, quirks, gifts, and talents put in you by God, and you just need to "put yourself out there" to discover what they are and what you can do with them. Don't worry so much about knowing who you are right now, you'll find that out in time. Just try to become the best you can be with what you have." Exactly ^-^ I don't think I could explain it any better. "_ALizB_" wrote:So pretty much what y'all are saying is, give it time?  Basically. Take time to learn about yourself. *What do you like to do? *What're dreams? *What're you scared of? *What makes you laugh? *What upsets you? *Are you happy? Why or why not? *What would you like to change? Can you? If so, what're you going to do about it? *Etcetera *Etcetera Life's a time to ask questions. You have to understand though, it doesn't always offer clear answers -but they're there; not always easily seen, but always there.  
reply about 3 hours
hugebear posted in Friends:
Ello and Im sorry for saying this but from what you has said so far you hardly knows either of them.  You like them cos of how they look. Me advise is get to know both of them and be the friends first and see what happens if something happens and how your feelings evolves. Take your time and good luck :) :love
reply about 4 hours