Summer 2013 TV Preview: Twisted

Avan Jogia and Maddie Hasson star in ABC Family’s new mystery show, Twisted, which premieres June 11th. Read all about the show and its stars in Kidzworld’s summer 2013 TV preview! Back to Article

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angelessweet wrote:
2014-08-30 17:14:53 -0700

spelled his name as Evan ?

Evea wrote:
2013-07-05 14:31:09 -0700

The writers of Pretty Little Liars can learn a thing or two from the writers of Twisted tbh.

kstanz wrote:
2013-05-29 23:05:36 -0700

I will watch a episode and see if I like it!

brigirl1 wrote:
2013-05-09 15:34:06 -0700

You have never got into that before

Rhema J
Rhema J wrote:
2013-05-09 10:20:37 -0700

Haven't seen it-- I don't know if i could take Avan's acting seriously since he started on Nick Frustrated

junior mod
-Allie- wrote:
2013-05-09 08:41:06 -0700

Never got into that...

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Creepiest Place for a Mystery?

  • Graveyards, duh!
  • Spooky old houses.
  • Anywhere late at night.
  • Math class. Aaah!

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