Dear Dish-it: How Do I Start Writing Poetry?

Wannabe Poet asks: I want to start writing poetry of my own, but I don’t know where to begin. How to get started? Back to Article

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prettycandy1169 wrote:
2014-03-22 09:13:56 -0700

writing poetries changed myself.
i try to write as many as i want! poems are awesome especially writing one..

JennyD wrote:
2013-09-11 16:02:45 -0700

poetry is okay

kittycatj wrote:
2013-09-11 14:16:48 -0700

from a poetic sole my self u just need to start with ur subject find intrusting words that match it and rime the words together its pretty easy after awile

sylveon12 wrote:
2013-07-11 06:57:18 -0700

just right what you feel inside

ADI02 wrote:
2013-07-11 04:57:12 -0700


prettycandy1169 wrote:
2013-06-29 05:38:38 -0700

The only thing about poems are imagination put into words and a little rhymes to make them fun. really its that easy!

preciousc10 wrote:
2013-06-23 18:37:17 -0700

well im not a poet fan but i have made on
can u picture a place where theres a smile on every face and all the worries all the stressing has been errased walking down a street thats golden angels singing perfect weather every body got a machion it just dont get know better

preciousc10 wrote:
2013-06-23 18:35:48 -0700


caitlin0504 wrote:
2013-06-19 11:54:42 -0700

I'm always in this situation! JUST DON'T WORRY!!!!! You will get an idea!!!!!!!!

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Poems - Sweet or Sappy?

  • Sweet - I love poems!
  • Sappy - I'd rather date my mom than write a poem!
  • I've read a few good poems, but some are too cheesy.
  • I've never read a poem...

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