Best Bronzers

Summer's here so it's officially time to dust off your bronzer! Nothing makes your complexion look more warm sun-kissed than a swoosh of bronzer on the skin - and the best part is you can achieve this look in less than five minutes! Back to Article

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KyoyaLuv wrote:
2014-06-27 04:31:10 -0700

Cool! Selena is very nice with Bronze Skin

arthi wrote:
2014-06-05 02:07:55 -0700

I agree with jenny

xatia wrote:
2014-05-30 10:20:03 -0700

Thank God for drugstores. Wink

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-18 09:48:26 -0700

Selena rocked her bronzer

Country Girl 44
Country Girl 44 wrote:
2013-07-03 15:13:52 -0700

i love my bronzer it smells so good and i am getting a tan but my bronzer is the kind with the sunscreen so all it basically does is help u tan

harrylover121 wrote:
2013-06-20 04:55:02 -0700

I need bronzer I am so white

LiamPaynelover123 wrote:
2013-06-20 04:21:35 -0700

i am so so so white!! Frown 8(

Tyonnia Styles_2417899
Tyonnia Styles_2417899 wrote:
2013-06-20 04:18:21 -0700

I don't know what any of this means lol...make up???

--_Brianne_-- wrote:
2013-06-19 15:39:41 -0700

I dont use bronzer. I just lay in the sun c:

Popmusiccool wrote:
2013-06-18 07:37:32 -0700

I am already brown

PrincessSab wrote:
2013-06-12 10:25:16 -0700

wanna try them

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Fave Homemade Hair Remedy?

  • Lemon juice for lightening my locks.
  • Coffee for making your hair warmer and shinier.
  • Dryer sheets to get rid of flyaways.
  • Tomato juice to remove chorline build up.

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wolfgirl109 posted in Friends:
A couple of my friends admitted to me that they like me. They are all sweet guys, but I can't possibly love all of them. I don't want to hurt anyone in the process. Help me please!
reply about 6 hours
I think you need to talk to your mom- to be honest, I don't see anything wrong with a B grade, but it seems clear that she thinks otherwise. Or maybe give each other a bit of space, and then discuss the situation with her.
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Long hair is beautiful but short hair is comfortable. So I guess short hair :p
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I used to have really really long hair. Then I decided to chop it all of and style it into a pixie, and it's honestly one of the best things I've done.
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Sighs My mom is getting mad at me when my dad gets mad and starts griping about how bad my grades are when i have B's in all classes then she gets mad and says i never talk to her well i don't wonder why i don't talk to her She just gets mad and blames it on me she dosn't hit but she calls me a S and a B u know all those words I'm sitting in one room watching tv and she comes in and says she was in a good mood and blames me and says its my fault I really don't blame my brother for not liking her i know it sounds harsh but i don't blame him please just help I'm about ready to get the razer out again and i've quitted that for like 4 months
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