Dear Dish-it: Is Popularity Worth It?

Confused asks: I am popular, but I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble. I play sports, participate in after-school clubs, and get straight A's, all while trying to stay popular. It's hard to hide behind this fake smile. Is being popular worth it? Back to Article

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katahira304 wrote:
2014-04-09 18:14:06 -0700

Just be yourself no matter how hard it is...walk with a smile.

ACoolPerson wrote:
2014-03-23 18:31:22 -0700

No. Be yourself- you have lots of time ahead of you! Make genuine friends, do what you love, and have fun! smile

XxCryXx wrote:
2014-03-22 21:39:08 -0700

N to the O

PanicAtTheRomance wrote:
2014-03-15 13:25:08 -0700

I'm not popular at all and got really badly bullied in my first year of high school (which for us Brits it's 12-16 year olds). However, I've got amazing friends who are just like me-they don't style their hair, put on make-up or anything like that. It sounds cliché, but just be yourself

Rocker24/7 wrote:
2014-03-14 15:41:51 -0700

I had the same problem- don't go out of your way to be someone you're not- there's no point!Wink Nose

alexiarina123 wrote:
2014-03-12 14:19:16 -0700

nope , not at all

Izzmonster wrote:
2014-03-08 12:17:42 -0800

you cant buy friends

deyalinelove wrote:
2014-02-27 16:41:56 -0800

if your friends are nice to you and there your best best friends stay with them

caitlin0504 wrote:
2014-02-24 11:18:00 -0800

if your friends are true friends they will still be your friend.

ToastedWaffels wrote:
2014-02-19 06:09:56 -0800

the person writing that sounds a bit stuck up their own ass.-. if you even have only like 2 friends and have a laugh then it doesn't matter

CuteMoo2 wrote:
2014-02-19 04:56:53 -0800

BEYOUtiful the word even says it basically smile

NerdBird wrote:
2014-02-16 07:37:28 -0800

Just be your self and your friends should still like you for who you are inside. Big Grin

--Amy-Rose--Silver-Wolf-- wrote:
2014-02-10 07:33:01 -0800

if popularity comes natrually and u aint mean, go for it! if it aint stressin yahs out!

amal98 wrote:
2014-02-06 18:59:17 -0800

be your slef and eveyone will love you

blakbutterfly wrote:
2014-02-01 06:39:05 -0800

@cutecute123 No, popularity doesn't mean instant meanness to everyone and everything! Its just being stereotyped that way. Popularity is defined by niceness not meanness!

cutecute123 wrote:
2014-02-01 06:36:20 -0800

Popularity sucks you have to be mean to people thats why I stick to being the smart, generous, fun, good and nice kind of popular. smile

Jennifer24 wrote:
2014-01-20 17:26:44 -0800

True its not worth it

Zelittledoctor wrote:
2014-01-20 14:37:59 -0800

Honestly, you will probably have people swarming around you asking for autographs or something else like that. According to me it isn't worth it.

natas wrote:
2014-01-17 09:52:55 -0800

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tiundra wrote:
2014-01-16 19:38:22 -0800


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You are perfect the way you are.
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InternetOwl posted in Friends:
I'm not sure whether you have actual depression or not (Ask your doctor if you feel you do, they'll be able to help. ^^), but I'm really sorry you feel depressed. I've been there too, and it really does feel like no one cares.   I know you said it's awkward, but try talking to your dad about it. You said he's the only one who seems to listen, so I'm sure he will listen and try to understand. If you start feeling really depressed every day, try doing things to make you feel happier. I don't know what you like to do, but you should do things like relaxing, reading, talking to people and spending more time outside. Smiling more often can help relieve stress and make you happier as well. c: Try meeting new people too. It seems as though your current friends are bringing you down, so you can try to talk to them if you like or find more friends who'll listen and care about you (however, try to keep your old friends as well. They are your friends after all, and it's hard being lonely). You've got friends on here too. But please don't think about doing anything harmful to yourself. You might not be thinking like that now, but being depressed can lead people to this and it's really not the answer.  Good luck! ^u^  
reply about 4 hours
FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
And you can add me as a friend if you want :D
reply about 5 hours
FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
I know what its like to feel depressed. And its hard to get out of it. Try thinking of good things, and if you are feeling lonely and have no friends around then you can talk to me if you want :3 When you start feeling depressed, try doing things you like, going out to a park or somewhere to be alone and just relax. Maybe go on walks once in a while. And even if people don't seem to care about you, I do :) So if you start feeling worse you can chat with me. Try not to think of dangerous things like suicide or cutting yourself or even running away though because it may sometimes seem like it could be the answer but it really isn't it'll make your life worse and more messed up. I hope you feel better soon! :D
reply about 5 hours
twyla215 posted in Family Issues:
"just for fun" wrote:Dear Dash-It and Friends,(this is my sissys account..we both use it)I'm a girl of course.. And I've got 13 this july 03.. and the thhing is I don't feel like my growth is perfect for my age! I'm really skinny.. I like being skinny! 'Cause my body looks great! And any boys could be impressed by my body! ;)My hight is only 4'8!! A 13 years old girl is only 4'8!! yeah I feel really sad! As for my cousin she's 5'3 and she's skinny too but she's tall!! I feel bad when she bullies me..So Is there a quick way for me to get tall in 1 month?yes the white stuff is normal its dischargeAlso I haven't started my period. I get white gloomy stuffs that smells funny. And I haven't talked to my mom or anyone about it yet. I'm really ashamed..but is this normal?And I think my ###### are not normal for my "puny" I mean small height or body! Their growing and growing! Their size is 29!! I'm feeling guilty! Is there any exercises to make them smaller?Thats that help me....
reply about 15 hours