Dear Dish-it: My Mom's New Baby Replaced Me

The Other Daughter asks: My mom just had a new baby, and now she won't pay any attention to me. I feel like I've been replaced. What can I do so that I'm not forgotten? Back to Article

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georgeandlola wrote:
2013-09-22 07:55:33 -0700

yah that helps! not!?

georgeandlola wrote:
2013-09-22 07:54:33 -0700

well that helps

stayawaystalker wrote:
2013-09-20 22:17:00 -0700

You need to learn to love your sisters. Your mom still loves you just as much as she used to its just now that there's a new baby in the house she needs to give the baby a little more attention then you. Don't worry. You'll be fine.

cra-z-girl wrote:
2013-09-20 20:14:52 -0700

you feel ignored now but give it time maybe you and the other sibling may become best friends or each others worst nightmare me and my lil bro are best friends and your everyday siblings on the days when we wake up on the wrong side of the couch or way too early in the morning just be careful on what YOU do you want to stay friends with your mom that's something I failed at hoped i helped Frown

tastycupcakes wrote:
2013-09-14 23:54:24 -0700

that's how i felt when my dad and my stepmom had two more kids my little sis and my little bro

jjz98 wrote:
2013-09-13 14:45:38 -0700

Horrible right

nasia_13 wrote:
2013-09-13 14:44:22 -0700

This happened to me a lot

lostergrl wrote:
2013-09-12 21:18:16 -0700

too bad the babys probably 5 now

junior mod
hugebear wrote:
2013-09-09 10:39:23 -0700

i doesnt know how this feels but parents does love all their children most of the time and babies need more attention

rosegirl777_2409433 wrote:
2013-09-09 00:34:06 -0700

i know this feeling it was happening to me when i was 12,,my parents ignored me,,the loved i a new baby,,and i cried a lot when i was 12

korduna wrote:
2013-09-06 23:17:28 -0700

mothers are so kind ..they love all their children .
but u have to know babies need more attention ..and l know how u feel but never mind like me .l fight with my lil sis when my parents are out lol xxx .....but l res[ect her when my parents see me lol ..that`s why my parents love me !l`m so
crafty hahaha

richgirl31 wrote:
2013-09-06 19:25:16 -0700

i know how she fill when my little sister came in my dad been anoring me this whole time and my autie got a new baby i was her favorite person now she had her baby now she dont even call me she dont txt me nothing

Golden goddess
Golden goddess wrote:
2013-09-05 09:57:48 -0700

I know how she feels I have to younger brothers when they were born my mom and dad payed alot more attention to them then me I just didn't care but only cause I was two years old your parents love u both equally u are older then the baby so you don't need that much attention just wait a few months you mom will be less busy with the baby you will see

lainey111 wrote:
2013-09-05 07:49:10 -0700

babys need more attention

Victiny wrote:
2013-09-03 21:27:14 -0700

Meanies -.- It's a baby it needs a lot of attention. You can do stuffs alone but the baby can't.

sparkleguineapigs123 wrote:
2013-09-02 16:54:11 -0700

Baby's need a lot of attention. Your mom's not replacing you. get used to it

AwsomeBookWorm wrote:
2013-09-02 11:36:19 -0700

o.O Erm O.o

kendaall; wrote:
2013-09-01 18:03:30 -0700

u guys irk me

jesusbro- wrote:
2013-09-01 17:55:47 -0700

they got you kendall

kendaall; wrote:
2013-09-01 17:51:17 -0700

CAN U GUYS NOT. lemme b me

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

purplelou12 posted in Friends:
 Sometimes, you don't always know, if your'e not being kind to each other she's probably not your friend, it doesn't mean either of you are bad people, it just means you guys aren't the best of friends.  I hope you figure things out with your friend.
reply 7 minutes
 Well, I would tell my dad that it's bothering me, that it's not good for him, and no one except for him is happy about him smoking. If he says he understands those points but isn't willing to quit, deal with it, don't tell your mother, and try to ignore it.  I hope you figure this out.
reply 14 minutes
Gamergirl007 posted in Friends:
I do ask her but all she says in yes.Then she gets angry right after and we start yelling.
reply about 3 hours
Babe_wolf posted in Friends:
y dont u ask her?
reply about 15 hours
hugebear posted in Family Issues:
Im sorry for saying this but your Dads the adult. He knows what hes doing. Hopefully he will get through this phase fast.  Talk to him if you can and tell him how its upsetting you. But its not that serious unless he smokes for the long period of time and then theres the chance of getting cancer. 
reply about 21 hours