Dear Dish-It, My Parents Just Won't Listen!

I am a 14 year-old guy and I feel I can make my own decisions. I have had long hair ever since 7th grade and my dad HATES it. How can I convince him that I should be able to look however I want? Back to Article

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wolfiegal wrote:
2014-07-16 14:44:00 -0700

@MonasYou What?

MonasYou wrote:
2014-07-16 14:42:36 -0700

0.0 ....

E-Reaper wrote:
2013-11-27 05:54:56 -0800

You should have died long ago!!!
HAte this immature idiots

JennyD wrote:
2013-11-26 21:53:19 -0800

Ot cool 0.0

Midapops wrote:
2013-11-23 10:19:49 -0800


MewSilver wrote:
2013-11-23 10:14:28 -0800


sweetshay wrote:
2013-08-16 11:58:34 -0700

some time my parents do not listen to me but i still love them

Sportygurl wrote:
2012-12-08 17:02:51 -0800

i axidently clicked like then unlike how you i get it off?!

LoveAerielle♥ wrote:
2012-12-02 12:03:35 -0800

Strict Parents Create Sneaky Kids.

sweetjaja21 wrote:
2012-10-07 15:49:15 -0700


princessstephy21 wrote:
2012-08-01 23:43:49 -0700

Ikr most of the time my parents r reli cool about things but lately it's like they aren't even listening to me anymore ever since my mom caught me on the phone talking to this guy I reli liked its like havoc n my house uggghhhh

Zach.Owns.Her wrote:
2012-07-14 02:47:33 -0700

Parents never listen.They just yell and fight
alll night.And tell you to go to yhur roim.
Awesome,right? Frustrated

smells13 wrote:
2012-05-17 11:17:49 -0700

PEOPLE SAY i have a cexx and give stuff out for free and i dont know why i meen sometimes i think i want to have it but im scared to get preggo my mom said if im preggo b4 i move out ill get in big trouble

macyismydog wrote:
2011-09-28 17:22:39 -0700

the doctor and found out she wasn't pregnant!

macyismydog wrote:
2011-09-28 17:22:12 -0700

pregnant so she came clean and told the truth that she did do it, but then she went to

macyismydog wrote:
2011-09-28 17:21:22 -0700

I had a 13 year old friend who said she hadn't had cexx until she found out she was pregnant

buddy supmodel
buddy supmodel wrote:
2011-05-15 04:25:28 -0700

its there choice a bad one i have to admint but
if they want to have a baby at young age and ruin there child and teen years then thats there

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Are Your Parents Too Strict?

  • Yeah! My parents won't let me do anything I want.
  • I think they could lighten up a little.
  • They're cool most of the time.
  • Are you kidding? I get to do whatever I want!

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i have not seen my cousin since i was three or four. based of eavesdropping this is what i know: his mom wants nothing to do with the family. My uncle and hi mom were not married just dating o there was no divorce agreement he is my only cousin for now next to all my  second cousins. my uncle got to talk to him 2 years ago My grandma got to watch a play he did  three years ago about  2 years ago my mom  found a picture of him im not supposed to know any of this. i  remember my past really good since age three. and I till remember him and almost every night i cry about him. my dreams at night have turned into when i run into him. My plan i he lives in a small town next to my grandmas town so this summer i will stay at my grandmas house and try to run into him.   Is anyone in a similar situation  I want advise
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"dogfobia" wrote: For those who already don't know, I have overprotective parents. I'm already 13 and I'm still not allowed to do somethings that lower aged kids are allowed. And most kids my age already get to do these stuff. I've already talked to them but they still think I'm too young. And I have good grades and super mature for my age. List of things I'm not allowed to do: go outside alone, go to the backyard alone, go to movies, wear makeup, get a pet, date, have a phone, have fa-book, eat things without asking, buy things, go on youtube, call my friends, go to friends house, invite friends over,etc Like seriously how am I supposed to live my childhood right without doing any of these things. I've already talked to them a bunch of times and they say I can do it when I'm 18. Please help me!!! where you live could have a giant role. like if you live in a huge city that effects a lot. The news could explain a lot if a lot of kidnapping  have happened i would not let a kid outside with out me knowing. but other than that im stuck ive never had this problem right now my battle is going to the mall with my friends im 11  
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Not really , Skin  color doesn't matter :)
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